Play music from 2 Bluetooth headphones at once Samsung Galaxy

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hey record here welcome to blogeee tech

tips and of course guys as you can see

here I'll be trying to connect to

bluetooth devices to a single Android

device as you can see here this is a

samsung galaxy device will apply also to

other Android devices so in case you

missed that what we're gonna actually do

is I'm going to take two Bluetooth

headphones or headsets here's the first


and of course here's the other they're

both wireless headsets what I'm gonna

actually do is connect two devices at

once to bluetooth so in case you did not

know you can actually connect two

devices at once to a single device this

is great for listening to music instead

of sharing a single headphone you can

actually have two separate headphones

and they're actually played playing the

same synced audio you could also watch

movies and so on in certain species

alright so to start off let's go

straight into D to twirl alright first

thing you want to do guys senior is

you're going to go straight into

bluetooth so note the menu are both

alright so once you do that it's going

to go into the bluetooth option and it's

already on just in case it should be off

so once you're in bluetooth option it

should be done so I'm gonna show it

again so you should just swipe don't and

go straight into bluetooth long press

and that's a shortcut and then you're

gonna turn bluetooth off I'm sorry just

turn on bluetooth once in here guys

you're gonna actually just go ahead

right now and you're gonna connect two

devices at once so you're gonna connect

instead of one Bluetooth device gonna

connect both so simply power up both

devices turn on this one first which is

the vfo which is the ball phone or DBE

10 alright it's powered on and I'm just

gonna appear I'm gonna hit okay

I've already prepared is already in your

case you might have entered past

mine was already set up post this so I'm

just gonna actually just Reaper them and

he says is your connected for calls and

so on

alright so that's quite easy next I'm

gonna do the other device here which is

the crazy no no 1s Sam's gonna pull this

off as well remove these from the kiss

you can check out the unboxing a DS I

did this on the channel already I'm just

gonna close these right here they're

outside of their keys alright so once

they're on they should show up if the

low show began simply scan

there you go crazy no no one is on the

top it's a spirit

alright and if you check out right here

guys you notice it shows connected to

both devices so the Nano 1s and the ball

phone b10 alright so both devices are

now connected at once alright so next

I'm going to minimize once you do that

you know check out up here and of course

you should get an option once you start

playing music so what I'm going to do

now is I'm gonna play some audio and the

audio can be found on here it's gonna

hit music alright so once I mean you I'm

just gonna play some audio I will not

play these load enough alright some

slope ladies alright so once the audio

starts playing you're gonna notice right

up here that it actually should give you

an option that says that dual audio mode

has been detected alright so if the

option doesn't pop up on screen up here

it should automatically pop up when

audio starts playing if it's not there

simply long press so if it pops up on

screen simply top and go ahead and

select the wall audio ofy it doesn't

always come up so much it'll actually

the prompt auratus money well it started

alright so once you're connected to both

devices down here simply does go ahead

and top on the three dots up alright hit

advanced once you're in advanced you

should see here it says you have several

options along here it says Bluetooth

control history says dual audio and it

also says right there media volume sync

meaning you can sync both volumes

so they're saying sync are not worried

about the simply turn on the mean option

that says do all audio near go

once you go there you should see that it

says do our audio is on two connected

Bluetooth devices meaning it should be

playing between both devices right now

music is actually playing in the

background and it will be available on

both devices again

can actually go in there and turn these

off or turn the feature off and as you

can see here this is the feature

it says dual audio right there and it

shows you that the dual audio feature is

on and working right fine

alright so it's quite easy so the main

option is the dual audio and I can't

play no due to copyright concerns but I

guarantee you guys right now the other

is playing from both devices and you can

actually enjoy media such as music or

movies or so on alright if you enjoy

this tutorial let's go ahead and give us

a time so please record from block tech

tips actually showing you all to use the

dual audio feature on Android devices or

the Samsung Galaxy devices you gotta

seen but until next time guys bye