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so Eddie I have a question for you have

you or have you ever met a mysterious

stranger by the name of Mortimer who may

or may not hold a key that unlocks

parallel universes for people well I ask

you this because one of the co-stars of

the movie another version of you which

will be asked on digital and blu-ray on

November the 26 is a friend of mine his

name is mere [ __ ] barn you slip a barn

Yousef most people know as rusev and his

wife Lana what was it like working with

him in that movie that was great that

movie is a really really good movie I

mean I enjoyed not because I'm in it but

seriously it would be bad promotion if

you said it was really bad I really

enjoyed the movie another version of you

is so good I enjoyed working with them I

only had one scene and I wished after

watching the movies man I would love for

them to do a prequel of because I come

in and show my life and everything could

be the whole movie could be about me at

that point and another version of myself

but uh now it really is a wonderful

movie she pick it up enjoyed the process

unfortunately one of the actresses

passed away I think a year ago or two

years ago and it was really sad but but

for the most part I really enjoyed

getting to know some of the cast members

I spent a few days on set and really

kind of set the tone for how the movie

was gonna go much like I did on the

football field so it's the same energy

on over to to the acting world