How To Add Friends on Spotify | Make Playlists with Friends!

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Hey what's up guys?

Tarnished here, and today I'm coming at you with a quick Spotify tutorial on how to add

friends or users on Spotify when you're not connected via Facebook.

It's extremely simple, all you have to do is open up Spotify.

Go to the search menu here, then type this exact phrase in.

"spotify:user:(username of whoever here) . So if you were searching for myself, you'd type

in my name, exactly how it was spelled up there.

In this case, we'll do Spotify themselves.

Then you'll click 'Enter' . It pulls up their user.

If you want to follow them, obviously you can click there to follow or unfollow them.

It's really easy to make collaborative playlists without have to give Spotify access to your

social media which I know a lot of people prefer not to do.

I'll leave this exact thing right up there in the description below just in case anyone

needs to copy and paste it.

Let me know how you guys like the video.

If you did like it, please don't forget to leave a thumbs up down below, and I'll see

you in the next one.