How To Listen To Spotify Offline Without Premium (WORKING 2020)

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hey what's up guys lanten here and today

I'm going to be showing you how to

listen to Spotify offline completely

offline no internet whatsoever so let's

jump right into it okay so the first

thing you're gonna want to need to get

this tutorial starting is is an any

mobile device an iPhone an iPad whatever

you use to listen to Spotify it's not my

priority just whatever you have I'm

gonna go with my simple and old-school

style as an iPad so yeah let's go so the

first thing you obviously want to do is

open up Spotify okay guys so just ignore

the camera right here Spotify is dumb

and it has a black screen so you could

obviously see the camera we just ignore

that for now so the first thing you want

to listen to you want to do is search up

any song that you want to listen to it

trust me and you do not to pay for this

is without premium premium and so you're

gonna search a one song only one song

that you want to listen to throughout

your entire car ride plane ride road

trip wherever you're going that you're

not gonna have in tonight in it it's not

my problem just just search one song you

like and you would like to listen to I

chose a song that is not copyrighted

obviously for video making purposes so I

chose this song it's called tabman crazy

by net nobody I'll leave a link to the

actual video on the Creator in the

description it's not my song check them

out it's it's really good song is really

good creator and you loved it trust me

okay so the next step you're gonna want

to do is play the song so it's playing

this yeah exactly exactly like this so

it is running down c89

whatever yeah so you're gonna make sure

it is completely running to Tesla you

can hear the sound exactly so yeah then

once it's playing keep a plane exit out

then you're going to want to go to a go

to an app you have or just go to a

YouTube video that stops the music when

you're playing so let's say right here

I'm gonna put that volume see it's

playing so let's go to an app that does

not allow it so let's go to this one

geometry dash as you can see the music

stops just keep opening apps or just

play a video that allows the music to

stop and as you can see it stopped in

and if you scroll up it has the it has

the song tab you see it has it tab so

that means if it doesn't if you don't

have internet you could still listen to

it so you do that and then let's say you

go outside into your car and once okay

let's just um turn off the internet

right here and let's say you you do that

you're in your car and let's say n look

well let's just restart this and here

you have no internet I'm making the

share guys I have no internet whatsoever

there's no cuts and yes so then you

would scroll back up go to the song and

then you see this is the song just press


and and the song is just playing but and

this does not require internet which I

love so much

it's basically premium but you'll only

listen to one song you cannot switch to

other songs or us everything will just

fall apart it won't work anymore and

this is the down this is the down side

of it yeah let's say you're playing and

you reach the end yeah the end is right


you cannot press this button or let it

even if you have it on loop it's not

gonna work so every time and the song is

ending you're going to want to press the

back button and it still plays as you

can see I still do not have internet and

it's still playing and and let me

demonstrate if you press this button

it's gonna go to advertisement but it's

just not playing these I have no

internet and you cannot press the back

button anymore you cannot go back to

your song and yeah so if you do that you

are screwed you just insert you just

messed up your entire process and yeah

and yet the only way to get your song

back what is to go to a hot spot which

has internet you can see right there I

know guys I'm sorry for my aweful

quality I'm not professional okay as you

could just see with their eyes it has

internet and to just play the song and

okay so let's review play a song go to

our app that did that turns the song off

so let's go this or you could just play

video and it turns the song off it puts

it at it as a tab you turn it off turn

it back on open the tab I'm going to

turn in tonight off you can see no

internet and you can play the song and

and yeah you could only play one song

though but and the most important rule

is that once it reaches the end remember

to press the back button

and and I know it's not as good as

leaving a loop because you had to put it

on loop manually but just trust me it's

better than nothing and again if you

press this everything will just fall

apart so yeah that has been so yeah that

is basically it so yeah I hope you guys

enjoyed this tutorial of how to get how

to listen to Spotify online only one

song though and yeah hope you guys

enjoyed if you guys would like more

tutorials don't forget to Like comment

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