How to listen to soundcloud songs offline for free

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hello people today i'm going to be

showing you how to

listen to your favorite soundcloud music

on your playlist offline without having

to pay for their subscription

this method requires no jailbreak


you just need soundcloud on your on your


and songs that you want to have during

offline sessions

so i'm actually going to turn this back


so yeah i haven't downloaded that

the music yet i mean i have i have one


i have one more playlist to go which is

this nintendo song right here

so you're gonna open this up and you'll


if you go offline the music will just

stop working

so i'll give you an example here's

another one that i haven't downloaded


so we're gonna turn off the wi-fi then

we're gonna try to play

panini see that nothing happens

literally nothing happens

until i turn back the wi-fi turn on the


give it a moment this ipad is from 2014

and then you'll see starts playing

now here's what you do to have a little

workaround without having to pay for


disgusting um

subscription so click the download

you will see you don't have to pay for


so what you're gonna do is go to your

desired playlist

and then what you're gonna do for this

trick is play every

single song on this for an

extended period amount of time so for


i want to get some hyrule temple going

on offline

play it and then skip a little bit

forward like this


until it's like there's 10 seconds left

or nine

then you do this for each


whoa hang on that's there

each one so i'll get back once i'm

almost done all right we're on the final


toads harbor from marcardi deluxe or my

credit whatever

skip get

done this double tap the home button

and then swipe up to to reset that sound

color app

if you're on ipad pro you're going to

have to slowly go up

whoops not like that slowly

go up like this and kill it

so yeah now here's where the magic


turn off your wi-fi go to soundcloud

see this is authentic i mean this is


i don't have any data

nothing no personal hot spots or

anything i'm not connected to a hot spot

so we're going to go to my nintendo song

playlist see

no internet connection whatsoever let me

click on harvard temple

see it works no we'll play all the way

to the end

it works every single one of the songs

here mario kart 8 deluxe is rainbow road

or credit or whatever i'm too used to

playing marcotti deluxe

never on the wii u

so yeah why is this useful you ask well

if you're on like a road trip or


um going to like i don't know waterton

you could just bust open your

air pods and then if you even have any

oh yeah then

yes ignore this name i changed it to

i-12 because i

because i like it i like i-12 i don't


why it reminds me of the iphone 12

that's coming this year

and then we're gonna play some pumped-up



hyrule temple

oh god okay if you can't tell these are


these things are very loud

all right that does it for this video

uh actually i have a great idea let's

just turn this volume down

what's the loudest what's the loudest


i'm the loudest loudest

what's the loudest song i have on here

i'm probably going to be an anime song

let's see here

soul eater so before i break my ears

let's just

do this okay no wrong stuff we're

talking about i'm sorry

it's not a lot old time world okay you'd

be meeting my email i'll catch you talk

about it

this is more iconic oh sh

don't do that

i'm very mature


oh shoot oh man

these things costed two hundred dollars

what am i gonna do