How to Listen to Music Offline On Apple Music

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have you ever been out somewhere or traveling or whatever go to throw in

your earbuds just to listen to your music and relax and realize I don't have

any internet well stick around because I'm going to show you how to listen to

your music with no internet through your Apple music app alright so a lot of

times we're out and about we're traveling on a plane and we don't really

have the money to pay for the Wi-Fi or the internet or we're in a hotel or

maybe we're out camping and we have no internet connection or it's very very

faint so we can't really do anything when it comes to the internet so what I

wanted to talk about is mainly the Apple music app obviously you need to have a

subscription to Apple music in order to do this but I'm gonna show you how you

can actually go in and download your music to your phone and then that way

you can listen to it whether you have internet or not let's go dive in real

quick alright so the first thing we're gonna do is we're gonna jump into the

Apple music app obviously you see I'm already signed in we're gonna go to

search and what we want to do is we don't want to search library you want to

search Apple music obviously you need internet in order to do this so plan

ahead before you go on your trips or wherever you're going that doesn't have

the Internet we're gonna search for Shinedown one of my favorite bands if I

could spell click on that bring them up here alright we're gonna go into

whatever song let's go in their latest album here I don't have anything loaded

alright we're gonna check whatever song you want to check out you can do that so

I don't have these got at this album yet so I'm gonna hit add I added the whole

album to my library as you saw then I'm gonna hit the cloud button it's gonna

start downloading as you can see all these songs are downloaded directly to

my phone now we're gonna go back to the search

click on your library you're gonna see Shinedown boom there's the whole album

and how you know that's downloaded these are downloaded there's a little check

mark under the name of the album and and the artist and it says check mark

downloaded that way you know it's downloaded pretty simple just a few

steps really easy to do one tip I wanted to give you was set up a playlist it's

usually what I do when I'm traveling and I know there's not going to be really

good internet and I don't want interruptions with my music I'll set up

a playlist I'll name it like travel or road trip or something I'll pick the

songs that I want I'll download them throw them into that playlist that way I

can listen with no interruptions because it's directly to my phone and before you

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best apps for your mobile device and I will see you soon