How to Listen to Music on Apple Watch Series 3

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listening to Apple music straight from

your wrist as the highlight feature of

the Apple watch series 3 in this video

we're gonna take a look at exactly how

you can do that the first thing you want

to do before you can start listening to

music is pair your watch to bluetooth

headphones you can do this in settings

or if you have a pair of headphones with

apples w1 chip you can skip pairing and

connect those through the airplay menu

now as long as you're an Apple music

subscriber your Apple watch Series 3 can

access your entire music library over

Wi-Fi or cellular if you have the LTE

model which is where the real magic is

when you open the music app on your

series 3 you will get some

recommendations to start listening

quickly you can scroll up and tap the

library to get to all your playlist

artists and so on

and you can also use Siri to start

playing a song or a playlist if you're

not an apple music subscriber or you

just want to sync music to your watch to

listen offline you can do that too first

make sure your Apple watch is on its

charger then on your iPhone open the

Apple watch app and tap the my watch tab

hit music and then add music from here

you can select playlists or albums that

you want to sync another trick here is

to make sure the playlist option is

turned on under the automatically add

section this will automatically sync

playlists you listen to a lot so they're

always at the ready when you want to

listen one final tip is you can set a

specific playlist to automatically play

when you start a workout in the my watch

tab of the watch app on your iPhone

scroll to the workout app and tap it and

then tap workout playlist choose

whatever playlist you want it and then

that playlist will automatically start

when you begin a workout on your Apple


alright guys that's gonna do it for this

video until next time keep it locked

right here - I dropped news and I will

catch you guys in the next one later