S-Town One Year Later: How John B. McLemore put Woodstock on the Map

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anywhere John was was S- Town. I think he probably had more issues with the

with the county as itself more than the town because you have to understand John

had 126 27 acres over there that he annexed into the town of Woodstock he

wanted to be in a town otherwise he just stayed and incorporated Bibb County

I've been mayor a year and a half and I was in office about about a month when

the podcast came out Brian Reid came to my house and interviewed interviewed my

wife when Brian Reid got up left left the room we said you know nobody's gonna

know it I think this is not going to be where's this gonna go and and little did

we know that 70 million downloads later here would be John was a recluse if you

will I mean there's people who talk about the podcast that lives

here in this town has no idea who john is has never seen him John stayed to

himself a lot it's odd going to his house because even though you're going to a

dirt road it's dark because the tree lines got it covered like a tunnel John

never greeted you he come out the front door took a hard left around his house

while he was talking to you and a herd of dogs following he'd done the same

thing every time I ever went to his house I remember walking around the

house with him as he was pointing at plants "oh watch out for the forsythia or

watch out for this and he was picking brown leaves off of them he was John was always

jittery John was the type that he could say something to shock you and then you

could you could question him on him and he had take a hard step back and

apologize if you listen to the podcast that's the thing people didn't really

understand after the podcast had came out we had a lot of company of people

they come to me just come up and come to my house people I didn't

know people who just wanted to talk to us some people that was depressed and my

wife started having meetings really on Sunday afternoon and and

she started making friends with people from all over the state all over the

country really she would get a lot of calls from people in Australia Denmark

England Ireland she still talks to several of them and a lot of

letters of people that was depressed it was an odd moment for us because you

know all of a sudden there's people in your home that you don't even know but

they're wanting some they're wanting to talk about the issues that they have last

year was the first annual Woodstock Music Festival where we raised a lot of

money for our Senior Center food program and when the podcast first came out I

think that might have helped because the name was out there the fact that that

was going on that you had some free advertisement if you will I took it so

we got a new Senior Center we're feeding about 50 a day looking at growing if we

learn anything from the podcast it's uh we could be a lot more understanding and

kinder to those who are different you never know what somebody's going through