Repeat a Song on Youtube Automatically

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hello friends this is me sir met again

with a new video and this is this very

interesting video for you guys that I

have made a simple wait at how you can

repeat your video using desktop in the

YouTube that most of the time when we

are listening some of the playlists and

we are listening some of our favorite

songs and we want to repeat it again and

again and we are working on it and then

the tab so I have made the wave which it

will automatically repeat the video and

you don't need to switch back to the

YouTube tab and just repeat the song so

all you need to do is get into the Juvia

from your desktop version just

right-click on into that video screening

and check the you can check out now it

has been checked now so let's play the

video and see that will it repeat

automatically or not if it's so then

this method is definitely working in

your text all versions of you don't need

to install any of the external software

or any other JavaScript to do so

just let's check out the video


so you have seen that the video gets

automatically refutes so this means that

the method is working hundred percent in

2017 hope so you will like my tutorial

you follow my channel for the latest