Ragnarok Mobile: Stamina and How to make use of it efficiently!

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hey guys what is going on this is Erin

and today I'll be talking about salmon

and everything that you need to know

about stamina alright so I have been

reading some comments about the game in

the Facebook pages and all that stuff

and people have been still been asking

about stamina I'm gonna explain to you

guys everything that you need to know

about it first of all how do you see

your stamina you can see it right here

go to more set more options then go to

settings then you can see it here it's

combat time it shows us combat time but

it's basically this time in a thing that

is your combat time or the time you can

spend for farming that you will get 100%

blueprint or basically the basic blue

trait of Zenoss XPS base XP and javac

speeds and items so anything every new

loots cards materials then is everything

so if you are below that 300 300 minutes

limit then you will get on the % of it

however if you go past 300 minutes you

will see XP gimme slower job XP slower

is any rate the slower and lootcrate is

slower to doesn't mean that once you've

gone past 300 minutes it's not worth it

to farm anymore you know you are at

below your independence is hundred

percent maybe at 300 minutes or so you

will get 50% rate then maybe at 320 you

get like 45% at 40% or whatnot decreased

rate is gradual and incremental every 20


so for every 20 minutes you spend the

rate goes to over and slow and slower

until you reach 600 so after reaching

600 that's when it stops decreasing then

just very bad very bad rates for you job

XV base XP and loot lane and everything

what is this

32 minutes of my Nonna's piece this one

is the music box

so right now somebody's playing a music

and I will be getting this buff so

resource battle time overtime so for

every minute that I stay here listening

to music I will be able to get one

minute of battle time so you see I have

32 minutes after a few more minutes

few more seconds I was be getting one

extra minute well extra by the time so

let's check it out first right now I got

three hundred thirty-two and I have

thirty-two minutes of my largest piece

let's wait for any notice here as you

can see I've been sitting here for about

30 yeah 30 minutes and it's fit for one

more so there you see the system for the

iteration is one minute so this should

meet you and and 33 so I now 33 Bonus

Time of melodies yeah basically hundred

percent to trade so how do you get the

music thing here so you you can just go

here you click by the into around over

to print data so the print era event MPC

or event store and PC will be setting

those tracks then it's around 10k

Rossini's per CD so it depends on what

CB it is I'm not sure about that you can

check the duration for each CD but let's

just buy them all just buy one of each

so Bayona teach

then let's go back to the music box so

the music box is that print area

Southgate so this just it's the South

portal of printer it's where you started

when you are a novice and then go so

there is no music playing so I want to

play this theme of Frontera confirm

there I have four minutes then the firm

the firm so this is like two four then

eight then I have one extra man so nine

or nine minutes of combat time I have to

stay here for nine minutes to make use

of those CDs that I have played now what

else effects combat time so or stamina

this one or is it so lightning chain

lightning chain is used to double up

your loops so if you're using lightning

chain alright so I'll just use it so

lightning chain accelerates a

consumption of meta time in the wild and

when you are in battle fatigue metal

fatigue means that you are over your

stamina limit so if you're at 300

minutes it's like you're already 300 one

defect stops the duration stops now you

can use the remaining time the next day

once it resets it looks like a bad thing

right since the it accelerates the

consumption of metal time in the world

however it also doubles up your loot so

let's say where do I still have it right

so here I was farming in the world and I

was getting 42 Zenoss now if I was using

if I had my time at below the hunted and

if I had my lightning chain active I

would be getting 84 Zenoss instead of 42

so again it doubles your it accelerates

or double spending of your battle time

alright also doubles the routes that you

get so if you get that say you used one

and within the 60 minutes you're able to

get a card which I did earlier so which

I if you were able to get the card

you'll get double the card if we were

getting a sticky mucus you'll be getting

two sticky mucus verifier farming for

steel you get two steals and whatnot so

overall I think it's still a good thing

since you will have more time farming

technically because you doubled your

rates so you double the rates for like

in one hour if you want to use two you

have two hours worth of

more more XP then after your stamina

Ezra your stamina ran out you will still

be farming for the rest of the day so

that's I think it's still worth it so if

you're using lightning chain and you're

farming for 24 hours say you used to you

technically spend twenty six hours of

farming within a single day so I don't

see anything bad about it because

whatever happens you're still being even

if you would get way overboard with your

stamina it's still some you'll still be

getting base XP job XP out of those

farming even if it's very very very low

rate so what else of X your battle time

this one affects your battle time or

your farming time so it is a premium

card so it says here that the for

fatigue time again fatigue time is way

over your 300 loot and XP of normal both

monsters increases by 33% basically if

you are still below your battle limit

your battle time is still a green color

now as you can see here settings right

so this is 793 is still green because I

have my music time technically so once

it reaches around 600 it turns to red it

means that your rate is very very low at

400 it turns around something blue I

think so that's a good indicator of how

good your farming or yeah you're either

farming would be so one-hitter inside

that means it's the worst experience

that you can get so once if you're still

below 300 minutes it technically gives

you a better XP and better loot for that

300 minutes this part I'll be giving my

suggestions on how you can utilize all

those stuff so as I mentioned before

lightning chain is very good because it

technically gives you more time so if

you let's say that you have eight

minutes you have that's five bars right

so let's say that five hours you use

lightning chain so you will be consuming

two-and-a-half lightning chains for that

five at five hours so that's two and a

half hours that you have extra that's

extra hours that you can farm so that's

the twenty six point five hours of

farming in 24 hours tip number two would

be doing your quest when your fatigue

has already read quests quest like main

quests or you're bored quaestor side

quest they let you kill monsters so most

likely those monsters aren't the best

like best use of your stamina or your

fatigue time so I'd rather use my let's

say I want to farm an item right so

let's say I want this I want to upgrade

my staff you need my coal

so what monsters charcoal so it would be

our gulp and steam goblin so I want to

farm these monsters to obtain my goal

which is to get these goals so I want to

use most of my farming time farming this

rather than using the combat time for

other monsters which I don't really need

the drops but I am forced to use that

time because I need it for the quest I

would rather use up my stamina and

farming the things that I need so I want

to I want any I want maybe yeah right

this cold let's say I mean steel I need

all these other stuff that you probably

need depending on what you're building

and what if you want to cry something so

that's how you want to use your battle

time after reaching your battle time to

around 600 minutes that's when you do

your question so you take 10 hours where

the farming then you'll request I think

that state I don't think I have any more

tips in terms of days there is however a

monster wave so a monster wave I'm not

sure if I have it here alright let's go

to eat down so I'll show you guys this

is one thing that I would point to you

guys that is sort though it's not

directly affecting stamina but

technically affects your stomach well

yeah it technically is a factor bear


all right so this is a monster wave or

monster resistance right now I have four

months or resistance so right so now I

have activated months resistance now I

have four 170,000 of XP I can gain from

mule near mountains how does this affect

my stamina so let's say I go to Mjolnir

mountains well I'm going to be on your

mountains how does this affect it right

so let's say the mob XP is times 10 when

well this monster assistant is activated

right so in this map I have to go to

mill near mountains all the XP is times

10 but if my stamina is like 600 how

long do I need to finish off this

470,000 of XP so I have 4 weeks

remaining if I want to use that for

waves it's gonna take me for a while

because right now maybe a monster will

give me 1717 XP so it's a time stand a

hundred seventy so that four hundred

seventy five thousand divided by a

hundred seventy that's how a lot so

that's that's how much monster I need to

kill to make use of a monster wave I

note that you can store monster waves

there are two months of reefs available

for you each day and you can store up to

6 so you can after 6 if you still don't

do it if you don't do it after 6 it will

just go to waste so I gather

so if you don't want to waste it better

use it while I said well it is below 6

monster waves so here I need to level I

don't wanna live it up right so right

now I'm getting 300 wait I have my music

stamina which I am getting 4,000 base oh

this is so wrong right um just so wrong

but yeah technically the idea is I have

my music stamina that's why I am getting

glutes alright nevermind alright so I

was I was supposed to show you guys that

it is very slow if you are at high

fatigue but I have my music time right

here so basically I'm getting my full XP

all right so as I mentioned before since

my lightning chain is active I am

getting 80 Hz knees instead of 44 which

I shouldn't be getting and I'm getting

too temperamental because my lightning

chain is active all right so basically

if you don't want you don't want to do

your monster waves or monster resistance

at very low fatigue or a I mean a very

high very high fatigue so maybe around

400 minutes or 500 minutes you can use

your monster waves or most resistance

all right so I'm just gonna wrap up

everything I hope I was able to explain

it pretty well but yeah so first off

stamina you can see I see it in the

settings you want this to be green it is

green when they test it is below 300

once it goes above 300 your drop rate to

slowly go down this premium card right

here will give you extra 30% bonus loot

and XP when it is active this one this

premium car is acting for a month you

have to pay for it you can get extra 60

minutes of stamina from the music box

from the South's Pantera which is right

here so music box so this one so that's

how you can get extra 60 minutes you can

see how many minutes that you have by

checking here in the settings so I was

able to get 39 minutes off my largest

piece and that's 340 minutes total so it

is still green because I have that music

music stamina it will turn to blue once

it is at 300 and will turn into orange

at 500 and red at 600 so you don't want

it to go red do your quest after it is

turn red after it 600 do your monster

waves or much resistance at around 400

500 that's the that gives you the

shortest short amount of time without

you being forced to farm on a specific

map and yeah I think that is it that's a

basically how you can make use of your

stamina and get as much XP as you can

for a single day so yeah that is it guys

I hope this video wasn't very long for

you guys so

thank you guys for watching I hope this

helped you if it did be sure to hit that

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for more videos and I will see you all

in the next video