Enabling FM Radio on an iPhone : iPhone Tips

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hey I'm Skyler you've probably wondered

if it's possible to listen to FM radio

on your iPhone technically it is it does

have the right chip to receive FM radio

but it's not actually possible

you can't enable it so how are you going

to do it well short answer an app there

are a few out there if you just search

the App Store for FM radio you'll find a

whole bunch I prefer one called stitcher

and I'll show you why I've already

installed it it's right here

just tap stitcher and open it up under

settings I can change my location so

that's what I'm going to do first tap

location and then enter my zip code back

to the front page if I tap live radio it

allows me to choose a couple genres or

tap nearby live radio here we go a few

radio stations all in my area that are

broadcasting currently over the Internet

so I could tap wcy why Portland's

alternative rock and start listening

right away no buffering no nothing just

streams the cool thing about this is

that it actually also will stream

podcasts and all sorts of other stuff to

boot so if I have some podcasts that I

follow I would add them to stations so

I'm a little bit of a conspiracy nut

sometimes red ice radio is one of my

favorites but the cool thing is that

when I added red ice radio to stitcher

it added a whole bunch of other things

that it thought I might be interested in

so if I want I can listen to the Liberty

or zombie podcast or the Corbett report

black op radio and all sorts of cool

stuff but I wouldn't have known about

them of that stitcher so I highly

recommend if you're interested in radio

download it check it out see what you


thanks for tuning in I'm Skylar