Download this FM Tuner App (Works Offline, No Data!)

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okay guys so this is probably I keep

saying this as my last video before the

hurricane hits but hurricane Irma is

like basically here right now like I

said I'm on Southwest Florida so we are

pretty much preparing for a semi direct

impact from the hurricane like category

4 when it makes landfall around there

everything is changing so quickly but I

wanted to share one tip not related to

me like not for my safety but to help

everyone else out when your power goes

out when the self towers go out you need

to be connected still so if you have an

Android phone like the Galaxy s8 you can

actually download this app and get free

FM radio tuner without using any data

without using cell service so if your

cell service is down you can utilize

this and you know sorry for my sketchy

camera gear just because I don't have

the ability to edit and everything right


but all you have to do is just download

an app if I can find it sorry it's been

a crazy day so it's called next radio so

you just go to the Play Store and search

for next radio and I'll put a link in

the description if I'm able to as well

but what this does if you go into the

options and go to basic tuner this

actually is like an old fashioned FM

tuner and it uses your headphone jack as

the reception so any pair of headphones

work and then that basically is what

helps you get the signal sorry I need to

plug it in so basically you can just do


and now you can hear the headphones so

that's pretty cool so I'm gonna plug my

headphones now but yeah definitely if

you're in an area that's I'm going to be

affected which potentially most all of

Florida and some other states have

potential for the power to go out

download that next radio app and

depending on your Android device the FM

tuner may or may not be enabled

I know Verizon loves to screw over their

customers and they don't allow the FM

tuner to be enabled iPhones from what I

know do not have FM tuners at all if

they are in their Apple does not allow

them to work and also if you have an

iPhone 7 you have no headphone jacks so

it's impossible for an FM tuner to work

unless you had some third-party FM tuner

peripheral which if that was the case

and you wouldn't be watching this video

so yeah guys definitely check out the

next radio app remember Android only so

if you have any spare on Android devices

even if they're not your daily driver

just get them charged try this out turn

your data off and then do the basic

tuner and see if it works

that's it guys just riding out the storm

right now it's getting a little windy

it's rainy but other than that I'll be

ok see you guys in the next video bye