QQ Music (音乐) Tutorial - Apps in China

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hi I'm Neil of team teacher teaching

living and raising a family in China

today we're going to look at QQ music

the number one music streaming app here

in China let's check it out

so QQ music is the app that I know

they're all experts and locals use

basically for their music streaming

needs it's available on PC tablet and on

your mobile cell phone device it's very

easy to use and I'm gonna show you how

to do that right now now first off

you'll see that it's the first screen

lots of Chinese artists and Chinese

characters don't be afraid it is all in

Chinese but it's very easy to navigate

so if you look at the top left right

here there's a little musical symbol and

that's like the first page if you go

across there's four sets of Chinese

characters we want to click on the third

set and then there's a little drop-down

menu just below that and this is

basically all categories and so you can

see some of this in English like RMB but

I want you to look at the top left and

the second one across that looks like a

box lifting weights that's the Chinese

characters for English so if you select

this that means that everything that's

going to be appearing right now is good

to be artists or albums in English or

soundtracks in English so you can peruse

at your leisure personally though what I

like to do is go to the top right hand

corner and I like to search for artists

genres or even album so I like Motown so

I'm going to search for that and it

brings me to my search results page now

in the search results page has three

columns the first is the title of the

song the second is the artist and third

is the album or the playlist so let's

have a look Oh what you want to be aware

of is if you select on the title of the

song or the artist is instantly going to

play that so what I prefer to do

is select an album say this Motown

classics gold there we go

and if I press the play button here it's

gonna start pressing playing all of the

album and it'll load it all up for me

next to that is a download button so you

can actually download this album all the

songs locally to your device and you can

take that about with you even if you

don't have any Wi-Fi or Internet access

and what I want you to see is how it's

just like any other sort of music player

and you've got your pores and your play

button your back and forward tracks at

one cool feature is if you click on the

picture it's next to the play button

it's gonna bring up more information

about the track that the song and the

artist and it's actually going to bring

up some lyrics for you so you can sing

along in English and in Chinese if you

know the characters so that's quite fun

and if we call continue on to our right

we've got the last button which is a

playlist we've got the volume button and

we also have the random shuffle shuffle

repeat song or all album repeat and

there's this teacher as well which is

the heart which is your like button and

you do need to have a registered account

with you if you want to like and keep

these songs so what you can do is I just

use my WeChat account scan it and it

automatically registered for me it was

pretty simple to do once you're

registered you can actually start

building playlists by pressing on plus

buttons or you can go to the drop down

menu and you can actually choose which

playlist to use so let's have a look at

some more features so there's the main

screen and just below that is your

history so you can sort of see the

actual songs that you've been listening

to previously and

I have them all queued up is great and

there's also the computer button which

will allow you to upload your own music

to listen to and share well that is my

quick guide to QQ music and how to use

it I hope you enjoyed this video if you

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one quick note while I remember what

music that you get access to is gonna be

very dependent on what country that you

are in in QQ music in China I've got a

much broader selection because of the

different copyright laws legalities here

then I would do as opposed to opening QQ

music in America or in the UK for

example so that's something to keep in

mind when you are accessing and using

this particular app ok bye bye