How to Use Amazon Music App - Find & Listen to Music for Free!

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amazon has put out its own music

streaming service

Amazon Prime music if you're already an

Amazon Prime member you can access this

service for free as part of your

membership want to learn how to use the

Amazon music app you've come to the

right place

I'm Jessica from tech boomers comm and

in this video I'll be showing you how to

use Amazon music now let's get started

if you have it installed Amazon music

yet you can download the app for free

from the App Store or Google Play Store

on your iOS or Android device once

you've installed the app you can sign in

enter your email address and password to

sign into your Amazon account

allow access to your devices music

library if you'd like to be able to

access the music on your device as well

as Amazon's music streaming library all

in one place

you'll then be introduced to Alexa

Amazon's voice assistant Alexa can help

you find and play whatever music you

might be looking for tap get started

when prompted allow the app to access

your device's microphone in order to use


at anytime say Alexa to enable the voice

command system

you'll now be taken to the Amazon music

homepage recommended playlists will be

presented near the top of your screen

tap new to prime to see albums playlists

and songs that have recently been added

to the app

top charts to see what songs are most

popular on prime music right now by

default you'll see the most popular

songs for all genres to see popular

songs from a specific genre tap all


then select the genre you want to see

the top chart for

tap a song to start playing it

to access playback controls swipe the

circle at the bottom of your screen


using the controls at the bottom of your

screen you can pause the song you're

playing skip to the next song go back to

the previous song turn on repeat or

shuffle the bottom rate icon will open a

screen that shows the playlist you're

currently listening to tap the arrow in

the top left corner to go back

you can also ask Alexa to do these

things for you for example if you say

Alexa pause your music will pause

to minimize the playback window swipe

downwards from the top of your screen

let's have a look now at the menu bar at

the bottom of your screen tap browse in

the bottom left corner to go back to

your home screen

top reasons to see a list of songs and

playlists you've recently listened to

tap my music to see any songs or albums

you have stored on your device

tapping Alexa in the bottom right corner

will activate the Alexa voice command

system the same way that saying Alexa

out loud does

if you'd like to find a specific song

album artist or playlist tap the search

icon then type in what you're looking


you can also ask Alexa to play any of

these things for you by saying Alexa

play followed by whatever you want to

listen to at the top of the homepage

you'll see a few different tabs the Home

tab is self-explanatory tap recommend it

to see songs the Amazon music thinks you

like based on what you've listened to

before tap stations to access Amazon's

digital radio stations narrow down your

options by genre or artist by tapping

popular genres and artists at the top

to select a genre simply scroll down and

tap the genre you'd like to listen to

to select an artist tap all artists then

select the artist whose music you'd want

to listen to

the last tab is playlists or you can see

tons of popular playlists to filter them

tap all moods and genres then select the

type of mood or genre you'd like to

listen to

that covers everything you need to know

about Amazon music

thanks for watching if you found this

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