How to listen to podcasts on a Windows PC

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how to listen to podcasts on a Windows



Microsoft Windows does not come with a

native podcast app

so you need to download one to your PC

popular podcast apps include Grover pro

audio cloud and iTunes

the following instructions are for

iTunes for Windows one


after launching iTunes from the Start

menu in the upper left corner of the

iTunes window choose podcasts from the

drop down menu - at the top center of

the iTunes podcast window you have these

display options library unplayed and


for now

click on store

the podcast stores a repository of just

about every available podcast but don't

be put off by the name even though

iTunes calls it a store almost every

podcast is free to listen to three in

the podcast store you can browse

podcasts by category like top shows news

sports and so on or search for podcasts

by using the search box in the upper

right corner when you find one you like

click on its icon


after selecting a podcast

a title page appears that describes the

program and presents a list of available

episodes for pick an episode of the

podcast and click the play button a

right pointing triangle to the left of

the title it's just like playing a music

track in iTunes you can pause scrub

forward and scrub backwards using the

controls at the very top of the iTunes

window five

if you like a podcast and wanted to keep

listening to more episodes click the

subscribe button on the upper left of

the podcasts title page you can access

the podcasts you've subscribed to by

clicking on library at the top center of

the itunes podcasts