How to Listen to Podcasts on iPhone

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want to get into listening to podcasts

but not sure how to do it on your iPhone

we are here to show you how it's done

I'm Jessica from tech boomers calm in

this video I'll be showing you how to

listen to podcasts on an iPhone now

let's get started to begin launch the

app store on your device then search for

the podcasts app when you find it tap

the download icon once it has finished

downloading launch the app now you can

browse featured content or search for a

specific podcast if you know what you

want to listen to to do this tap search

then type in the name of the podcast you

want to find

tap the name of a podcast to open it now

select the episode you want to listen to

the newest episodes will appear at the

top of the list when you've chosen an

episode tap the play icon to begin

listening to it

you can use the on-screen control

buttons to pause play rewind or

fast-forward if you enjoy the podcast

and want to keep up with new episodes

they release tap the subscribe button

under the podcast name

if you tap the library button you can

easily find all the podcasts you've

subscribed to

that's everything you need to know to

listen to a podcast on your iPhone

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