Learn How To Listen To Podcasts

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hi this is Jane Ratliff with blue hair

technology group and today I'm going to

talk about an app that comes standard on

many iPhones and iPads sometimes you

have to download it from the iTunes

Store but it's a great app especially

for those of you who remember the radio

shows back from the 40s and 50s and how

you would tune into a great radio show

that you just love to hear the app that

we're talking about is called podcast

the podcast app and podcasts are

pre-recorded audio shows and sometimes

video shows that you can listen to on

your iPad or iPhone totally free so

let's look for that iPad app right now

it's purple or so it really stands out

and it says podcasts on it so swipe

around on your phone as as we typically

do swipe around and see if you can find

that podcast app and when you do find

the podcast app let's go ahead and tap

on it when you first open up the podcast

app you're going to see five different

features or functionality at the bottom

of your app and that's what we're going

to go through first so you can

understand how the app works so the

first category or first section is

called unplayed now for most of you if

you've never used the podcast app before

you're not going to have anything in

unplayed because you haven't subscribed

or you haven't downloaded any podcasts

yet so it probably is zero although you

can see that mine has a badge of 29 I

think that says that means I have 29

unplayed episodes podcast episodes that

I've subscribed to next to that says my

podcasts after that featured now for

those of you who've used the App Store a

lot before featured is a very common

term it's the featured apps it's the

ones that Apple wants to promote to you

so features are sometimes very exciting

to look at another one you could look at

is top charts and that's going to be

again just like the app store of all the

people out there in the world that are

downloading podcasts what are the top

ones that's always a great one to go to

and the very last category is search and

that's where you can search for a

podcast that someone has told you about

such as a PBS podcast or perhaps a CNN

podcast or an NPR podcast so that all of

those are out there for you so become

familiar tap on the different icons down

there so you can see how they're

structured you're gonna see a lot of

similarities between this and the app

store since what you're really doing is

sort of like downloading an app through

with a podcast so the first option that

I'm going to select is the featured or

the star category so when you tap on

that star up comes the featured podcasts

that Apple wants to let you to know

about typically these are the newer ones

or possibly more popular ones and again

if you look at the screen you'll see the

screen it looks very similar to the app

store and it is set up that way so if

you use the app store a lot you're not

gonna have any problems using the

podcast store or featured section at the

top you're going to see those featured

podcasts that they really want you to

know about then underneath it you'll see

new and noteworthy and if you keep

swiping up you see a category called


black lives featured collections etc so

there is lots and lots as you scroll

through but remember this is just the

tip of the iceberg because there's so so

many of them I think a really important

thing to see on the featured section

also and just like in the app store is

the section at the top left called

categories I'm going to go ahead and tap

on categories this helps narrow down the

podcasts that you are interested in

finding out about so there's arts

there's business education games and

hobbies etc and as you scroll through

you see that there is a lot of

categories so let's just go ahead and

tap on one that might be funny how about

news and politics so if we tapped on

news and politics up comes a new page

you'll see more information about

podcasts related to news and politics

and let's swipe through so we've got new

and noteworthy what's hot and then all

podcasts additionally at the top right

next to new and noteworthy you're going

to see a little command that says see

all if you tap on see all you'll get to

see all of the podcasts that are in that

category so this is a great way to

explore what's out there so I highly

encourage you to do that remember to go

back tap top left top left will take you

back one tech news and politics and then

you could tap on category and even go to

another category another great and I

think probably the best way to find out

some of the best podcasts that are out

there is in the next section called top

charts so let's go ahead and tap on the

top charts section the top charts are

going to list the most listened to

podcasts and as you see I'm on the top

charts and I can swipe up and you'll

actually find that there are let's swipe

all the way to the bottom let's see how

many they give us the top 150 podcasts

this is a great way to go through and

find out man what are people listening

to now this is across all categories so

let's see the first one the first one

says Mouse chat news it's a Disney

podcast fresh air now everyone has heard

or most people have heard of fresh air

from NPR so let's say that that was a

podcast that I wanted to listen to I

wanted to hear the most recent NPR

broadcasts so what you do is just like

what you do with an app you're gonna tap

on it so I'm going to tap on fresh air

and again you're going to see something

that's very similar to the app store so

let's see let's look at this and see

what we see first of all we get ratings

so there's over two thousand people that

love the fresh air app you can see the

word subscribe so if we tap subscribe we

assume that we're gonna be subscribing

to this channel you find all of the

different podcasts this is a list of the

different podcasts this also tells you

how many minutes long that podcast is

going to be so the first one that I'm

looking at is

Donald Trump one the next one is a

glimpse inside the real Russia if we

looked at that one we could tell that

that's gonna be 48 minutes and 28

seconds if we listened to it to download

it or to get it on to our device it

doesn't take us that long so you can

actually download individual podcasts if

you wanted to by tapping on the cloud

which we'll do in a minute or if you hit

the subscribe button up at the very top

you're going to have access to all of

the podcasts and you're going to be

alerted when a new podcast is posted for

you to listen to so let's go ahead and

select a podcast that we just want to

listen to right now we don't need you to

subscribe subscribe to the channel let's

say we want to test it out so let's go

down to this one called inside an

Oakland motorcycle club so if I just tap

the name of the podcast watch what

happens you see down here there is our

very standard player that's where I can

stop it by tapping that little purple

button so down here it's actually what's

called streaming not on my phone it is

not physically on my phone for me to

listen to later now if I wanted to

actually download it on my phone that's

where you get into what's the download

over here which looks like the cloud so

if I tap on that cloud you're going to

see a familiar friend which is the

circle the circle which demonstrates as

you see it here the actual download of

that podcast to your device when it's

finished downloading you have the big

play button and now you can actually tap

the play button and listen to it just

like we were listening to it before but

it's actually on your device and it will

be part and stored in the my podcasts

section of the podcast app so let's just

go ahead and hit play and see what

happens so it's still playing down here

but remember now it's actually on your

phone you're not streaming it I wanted

to show you where you can find all of

those podcasts that you decide to tap

the cloud and actually

load on your iPad or iPhone so remember

we had talked about these very important

sections of the podcast app well this is

where that comes into play so there is a

section called my podcasts that we're

going to tap on and I have a couple of

other podcasts on there that I listen to

but you can see right here now I have

not subscribed to it and you remember I

didn't subscribe to it which would have

given me access to all of the podcasts I

decided I just wanted one just to

download one and that's what it shows

here it says fresh air one unplayed

episode and there's also one called

stuff you should know which that's

actually a pretty interesting one that

I've subscribed to and I haven't been

keeping up with it so if I have 34

unplayed episodes that I haven't listed

to you it's so I better get started

but that's where this my podcast comes

into play so when you download podcasts

this is where you'd want to come to find

the ones you've downloaded and go

directly to the one you want to listen

to now the one section that we have not

talked about is the search section and

that is a wonderful place to go just

like search is a wonderful place to go

in the App Store so I'm going to tap on

search and it's pretty boring it's the

search field right our standard search

field so what do you do you actually are

going to type something in so let's say

that your friend just told you about an

awesome podcast and it's called twit now

it's really called this week in

technology but everyone calls it twit if

you love technology and want to know

about what's good what's not good tips

and tricks it's a great one to find out

about so I'm actually going to type in


TW i T in voila up comes twit TV right

at the front so let's go ahead and tap

on Twitter V and see what we get so what

comes up is a menu of all of their

podcasts podcasts as well as what they

call podcast episodes which are probably

longer so your podcasts that are

probably short and then episodes might

be a one of their episode series which

could be an hour in length so you see

various ones across the top you can come

down to some podcast episodes if you

wanted to you could click up here see

all remember our see all option where we

can see all of them this will give you

some more information about it so we

could just come down and a great one is

called before you buy so before you buy

is a great one to listen to and find out

gosh if you're about ready to buy

something and they're reviewing it

they're going to tell you which ones are

good and which ones aren't so if we

wanted to get before you buy would tap

on before you buy and then we will then

either subscribe to the episode before

you buy and we'll get information every

week about what they're talking about or

we can actually swipe through and figure

out if there's one that we would be

interested in listening to so let's

swipe through and find one that might be

interesting let's see what I'd be

interested in let's say I was interested

in learning a little bit more about the

Samsung Galaxy so you could go ahead and

download so let's go ahead and tap on

that and you can see again that little

circle that's telling us it's

downloading might take a little bit of

time but it's going it's circling down

and eventually it's actually on your

phone that is a lot about the most

important aspects of the podcast app

there are millions of fabulous podcasts

out there available to you and I

encourage you to get out there and

listen to it you will

we'll enjoy it nom Jane Ratliff with

blue hair technology group