How To Get A Podcast On APPLE PODCASTS (iTunes) and SPOTIFY

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okay great so you have started a podcast

now how do I get people to find it and

listen to it in this video we are gonna

walk through how to get your podcast

onto iTunes or Apple podcast Spotify and

Google podcasts that's it let's go

what's up everybody

Pete from do you even blog here it's

where we talk to bloggers and podcasters

who want to make money on the internet

step number one to getting your podcast

found on all the places is to get your

RSS feed this is literally like a link a

URL that is a bunch of code I don't know

what it is you don't know what it is who


the point is that Apple podcasts and

Spotify and everywhere else pulls your

shows from that RSS feed so you're gonna

have to copy and paste that RSS feed

into all these different places and

we're gonna do that in the next step so

there are two things you need to do to

get an RSS feed in your podcast host

number one would be to fill out all your

show information you can see here I am

looking at my channel title my podcast

title my artwork channel categories

descriptions this is all at the show

level not the episode level that's

important to note and I'm in pod bean

but you can find all of your show

settings in a bunch of different podcast

host providers whoever you use

here's a little bit more the summary the

subtitle to my podcast the author name

my categories email explicit yes or no I

like to curse on my podcast iTunes is

going to be pulling all of this show

information so you want to have that set

in your podcast host the second step to

getting your RSS feed ready to you know

push out to all these different places

is to publish a podcast episode once you

do that in your podcast hosts you should

have an RSS feed to copy and paste

sidenote I recommend starting with an

episode 0 right just a three to 10

minute episode that describes who you

are the host as well as what your show

is going to be about and what you're

going to help people with so you've got

your first episode or an episode 0 you

hit publish and they will give you an

RSS feed URL once you have that it's

time to move on to step 2 so the time

has come to submit your show to Apple

podcast slash iTunes you can go

Google or you can type this in I will

have the links to all these things in

the description below this video

iTunes Connect iTunes Connect

you will go to that URL and login using

your Apple ID you do have an Apple ID

don't you you're gonna need one of those

once you are logged in to iTunes Connect

you will be presented with this screen

where you will see podcast Connect this

is for contact creators who want to have

their podcast on Apple podcast login

click on podcast connect and hopefully

you'll be good to go if you have made it

this far you should be presented with a

big bar to type in or paste in your

podcast RSS URL you're gonna do that and

you're going to hit validate it's gonna

pull the numbers it's gonna pull your

podcast information and after a few

seconds you should be presented with a

picture of your iTunes artwork that you

entered in your podcast host as well as

your podcast show details and the

details of that first episode from there

the process is actually really

straightforward you just submit it and

wait it will probably take anywhere from

a day up to like a week or two at which

point you should get notified that your

podcast is now an apple podcast


next up is getting your podcasts on to

Spotify there are two ways to do this

the first way is going to be through

your podcast hosts simple cast blueberry

Lipson the blueberry pod being anybody

they should have at this point a nice

little button in your dashboard

somewhere in order to submit your RSS

feed to Spotify as you can see right

here my pod bean dashboard it's under

like social share and you click connect

to Spotify all of the major podcast host

providers have this functionality now I

recommend going to Google and typing in

Spotify podcast insert name of your host

here that said there's another almost as

easy manual way and that is to go to

podcasters dot Spotify com I'll post a

link below of course log in with your

Spotify account and as you can see in

this video I already have mine connected

there's my episodes over there but you


in your account options right here and

click Add or claim your podcast once you

do that you will click get started and

it walks you through two or three steps

again needs your podcast RSS feed URL

you copy and paste it in there you'll

double check all your info and then hit

submit you have a podcast published you

have your artwork and title and

description for your show and all that

great stuff which you do in your podcast

host it should be pretty simple and

straightforward to get on Spotify and

the good news is it is almost

instantaneous you won't have to wait

this long for Spotify as you do for

these others so speaking of waiting

let's move on to talk about how to get

your podcast into Google podcasts so

here's how this process works you have

very little control over exactly when

your podcast is going to show up on

Google podcast so basically you're gonna

be hitting publish on your podcast and

you're going to wait for Google to crawl

it to index your podcast now I don't

like waiting

you don't like waiting that could take

anywhere from 3 or 4 days to 30 days it

takes a while but there are a few

shortcuts that I'm going to tell you

right now that'll help you get found

faster first up is this podcast

publisher tools page where you can

double check if your podcast is being

indexed right now currently or not you

will grab your RSS URL paste it in this

page hit generate and it will show you

yes this is indexed already woohoo no it

is not and then you'll have to wait

longer per google podcasts guidelines

which is also linked to below you will

need to link to your website from your

RSS feed you probably already did that

in your podcast host when you were

filling out your show information there

is always always always a feel this has

website sometimes this might be hosted

by your podcast company simple cast has

a podcast website function pod bean you

can always change it if you have a

separate website like I do and make sure

it's linked to in your RSS feed so

that's part one

check part two is to do vice-versa make

sure your website is linking to your RSS

feed again a bunch of podcast hosts do

this on autopilot but if yours doesn't

if you have a separate website you can


to wherever you can edit your headers

and footers insert headers and footers

is a great wordpress plugin for this and

insert a little HTML tag that points to

your RSS feed I will include that below

probably in a comment or something where

you can just copy and paste that put in

your own RSS feed URL and you should be

good to go once you have those two

things that are like linking to each

other it's only a matter of time before

Google indexes your websites and then

finds RSS feed URL and then boom

Shakalaka you're on Google past there is

one more trick though pub/sub hubub

that's right say that three times fast

pubsubhubbub pubsubhubbub

slash published linked below this video

you can paste in your RSS feed URL hit

publish and that will send that RSS feed

to Google it's not gonna be

instantaneous you're not gonna see

anything on the screen that says like oh

cool you were found now you're not gonna

see any of that you just have the trust

that it works you can paste in your RSS

feed URL send it to Google and hopefully

that'll end up with your podcast found

fester the last thing I'll mention that

if you are on Apple podcast chances are

high that your podcast is being pushed

out to a bunch of different players

right here

that's overcast that's the podcast

player I listen to and that pulls from

iTunes and Apple podcast so just by

being on Apple podcast your podcast is

gonna get pushed to a lot of different

apps and directories and podcast players

so now that you have your show done and

published and launched and you pushed

out to Apple and/or iTunes and

everywhere else it is time to grow your

downloads up top and in the description

below I will link you to podcast

marketing strategies I have a really

great video on that for growing your

downloads now your launch now you got to

grow your downloads I'll post a link to

that resource as well go check that out

you can also check out my interview with

a world-class podcaster Joe saw see hi

who gives lots of fantastic tips for

interviews as well as just sounding good

on a microphone and being a great host

I'll include a link to that as well and

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