Joining & Configuring Audio & Video

Sharing buttons:

when you're joining a zoom meeting

you'll see a video preview pop-up that

prompts you to determine whether you'd

like to join the meeting with your video

enabled or disabled by default

simply select the option to join into

the meeting using the preference you've

selected joining and configuring your

audio and video within a zoom meeting is

quick and easy if you see the join audio

icon in the bottom left hand corner of

your zoom meeting window toolbar simply

select the icon and select join with

computer audio you'll also notice there

is the option to test your speaker and

microphone prior to joining the meeting

however if you're already connected and

others are having issues hearing you or

you're having difficulty hearing others

navigate to the up caret to the right of

the mute and unmute button where you can

test your speaker and microphone


when you select test speaker and

microphone you'll be presented with a

series of steps simply follow the

prompts by answering yes or no to

connect your audio properly during a

zoom meeting you can also start or stop

your video at any point by selecting the

start video icon like this simply select

stop video to stop your video feed from

being shared with others you can also

adjust your audio input and output

sources on-the-fly from the up caret as

well and also you can adjust if you have

multiple web camera sources you can

adjust your web camera source on the fly