Zello Walkie Talkie demonstration on channel 27.555

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I know this is another small little

video where I just give a demonstration

of Zillow which is a small program that

turns your mobile phone into a worldwide

walkie-talkie if you want to know how to

get Zillow just look downstairs in the

description okay and I'm just in the

channel here and this is a channel which

which is particularly well-suited for

people who are acquainted and you are

familiar with CB operating and ham radio

operation the channel name is 27 . 555

it's very important to put a full stop

in between 27 and Triple v and just to

grab the first one in the list because

there's a couple of ones where there is

megahertz behind and stuff like that but

this is the main channel where all the

CB operators just to go to I'm just

going to make a small call you can see

here there are 12 people online and to

make a call you need to push here until

the circle turns red and once it's

turned red you can actually talk and the

other people everybody actually was in

the channel will hear what you're saying

there's one more thing I want to say I

met my mobile phone button here to go

into talk mode so this is normally for

the camera but I just grabbed the mobile

phone like this and I just pushed once

to start talking and push another time

once one more time to to go into receive

mode so let me just do that and I'll

make a call and see if somebody's coming

back to me hello secure CQ this is one

six Oscar Zulu 457 call this is one six

Oscar Zulu four five seven sixteen Oscar

Zulu four five seven calling security

acts qrz I just leave a small blank

between I finished talking and going

into receive mode because sometimes

there is some delay and the last part of

your transmission might just be how can

I say disappearing from the transmission

so they won't be able to hear the entire

transmit nobody answers so I'm going to

give one more call and see what's going


hello 27 triple 5cq security x16

division call this is one six Oscar Zulu

four five seven sixteen Oscar Zulu 457

we're stand by for any call q I said

okay so it's very easy if you can just

grab the mobile phone like this and just

use it as a real walkie-talkie so that's

that's very handy you can do that

through the program just by mapping one

of the buttons and if you have Android

version 4 points inferior than four

point one so four point zero etc etc

four point zero one four point zero 2

etc up to four point one because there

is a bug you can also map the button on

your headset and just push on the button

of the handset and going to transmit and

receive mode nobody's answering

I can see here who is on the channel and

you can see I'm gonna call one of the

guys here I'm gonna try to call Jerry

maybe he might be answering because they

seem to be busy hello Jerry I don't know

if you're busy there this is for 57

giving you shout hope you're doing fine

go ahead over so see what's going on and

maybe he's gonna reply if Jerry is not

there I can still see there some other

people in the channel and this is a guy

from China this is Gary from Sheffield

Jerry Kevin and Sebastian from 161

divisions of Poland and then there are

some other users who are in the channel

seeing that Jerry is probably busy so

I'm going to call to Gary hello Gary

Gary Sheffield are you on the frequency

I or by this is four five seven giving

you a shout over over so let's see if he

is gonna reply what

you four five seven copy how are you


okay Jerry yeah nicer to you in there

mate now I'm just calling you I'm just

recording a small video and I'm going to

put it online just to do a demonstration

of of Zelo I'll put it on my youtube

channel and make something's on

different websites for CB operators

there Roger as you can see I just leave

a small blank each time because I know

it just cuts off a little bit too

quickly and maybe carry there's not

a guy to 6 Delta whiskey 0

how you doing Gary good evening to you

or good afternoon hope is everything is

OK there it's raining here in Brussels

Roger ok the sun's always develop evict

all here at the moment yeah waiting for

springtime to come along they're still

still a it's still very cold as well

here but they expect 20 degrees next

week so I was talking to another

gentleman from Australia Perth and I

just told him that he should send some

hot weather from there to here

they have 41 degrees out there in

Western Australia Roger so I just spoke

to a lot of guy from Western Australia

in this particular Channel oh ok so yeah

what I wanted to do this is a small

information is when you go and slide

your finger from outside you can turn up

and down the volume ok yeah ok Gary ok

Gary I'll talk to you later I was I'm

going to finish the demonstration here

of the Zelo program and try to get some

new users in here

I had Bob on the bonzela the other day

just Sunday when I was driving to my

work on Sunday morning from the New

Zealand so I had a nice conversation

with him you might bump into Bob as well

that his

probably sleeping by the time we're

talking right now Roger okay so I'm just

going to show you what you can do okay

so there you go you can just change the

audio settings

okay Delta whiskey zero right 70 trees

and also to you Jerry you have a good


take care I'll talk to you later let's

say in half an hour from now over okay

so this is the small demonstration of

the program there's one more thing I

want to add to this video out of comfort

I have bought a small external speaker

and this external speaker is connected

to my mobile phone through the Bluetooth

as you can see right here this speaker

has a much stronger much stronger audio

so when I turn on the DB gain to a

maximum it becomes so strong that you

actually have to turn it down and I

bought myself two of them okay there's

another guy who was stalking so it's

going to be a little bit busy in the

channel right now but there's one more

thing I want to say this is the Jabra

Cruiser number two

you can see downstairs the Jabra Cruiser

number two and I also have another one

which is the Jabra Cruiser number one

now this one seems to be a little bit

less loud as far as the audio is

concerned the price ranges between

thirty to fifty euros you can find these

ones here these gentlemen here you can

find it on eBay for about forty euros

shipping from the UK and it's 36 euros

actually and another four euros to get

it shipped down to Belgium okay and what

is good about this one this is a newer

version this is the older version the


you can map okay let me just show you

I'm gonna just turn down the audio as

the people are speaking so okay so what

I wanted to say is that this one you can

let one of the buttons there is a button

here there's a button here there's a

button here and if you wanna click on

the button it will go into into transmit

mode as well so you can actually met one

of these buttons okay thank you for

watching this small video I hope you

enjoy it and there's a couple of more

videos that I'm gonna make so keep tuned

on this channel regarding a couple of

features that are pretty interesting

regarding Zelo hidden features actually

features that you maybe are not aware of

and it's going to be explained in the

next video seventy trees to all the CB

operators and all the other people

connecting the channel you'll get quite

a few people from all over the world

bonds over in Brussels this is one a

children's I'm from South Africa for a

few quality American connections also

well stepmother time and I'm gonna deal

with like my kid said nothing today so

I'm right Matt I seen a table this

pathologist channel English lesson until

flying the channel noon again okay thank

you for watching Jay