How to Use Spotify – Complete Guide 2019

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are you new to Spotify want to learn how

to make the most of the app we're here

to show you the ropes I'm Jessica from

tech boomers calm and in this video I'll

be showing you how to use Spotify and

giving you some helpful tips to improve

your experience using the app now let's

get started

if you haven't already downloaded the

app and made an account we'll link our

tutorial on how to do so in the

description box below

once you've set up your account you're

ready to start using Spotify this is

what the apps homepage looks like here

you'll be able to browse a selection of

playlists new albums and music Spotify

things you like based on what you've

already listened to of course the more

you use the app the better Spotify will

get at suggesting music for you to check

out if you see something that interests

you and want to listen to it tap a

playlist or album to check out what

sounds are on it and listen to it if

you'd like

if you want to browse music by genre

mood decade or theme tap search in the

bottom menu

then select the category you'd like to


when you find an album or playlist you

want to listen to tap play at the top to

start listening to it keep in mind that

if you have a free Spotify account you

will only be able to listen to playlists

and albums on shuffle mode if you have a

paid membership you can listen to any

song on Spotify at any time

if there's a specific artist album or

song you want to hear tap search then

type in what you want to listen to when

you find what you're looking for in the

search results tap it to start playing


when playing music tap the name of the

song you're listening to at the bottom

of your screen to open a larger playback


here you'll find options to play pause

skip to the next song and go back to the

previous song you can also turn shuffle

on and off if you have a premium account

if you really like a song and want to

add it to your library of favorites tap

the heart icon

to access all the songs you've added to

your library

tap your library at the bottom

then tap songs

here's a quick tip if you want to have

these songs available to listen to

offline tap the switch beside download

this way if you don't have an internet

connection you'll still be able to

listen to your favorite songs you can do

this with playlists too this feature is

only available to premium members

to make your own playlist tap playlists

scroll to the bottom then tap create


enter a name for your playlist then tap


the playlist will then appear at the top

of your list of playlists to add music

to your playlist search for songs in the

search tab

then tap the three dots beside the

song's name

select add to playlist

then tap the name of your playlist to

add the song to it

another cool feature of the app is

Spotify radio this feature picks music

for you based on an artist album or song

you like Spotify automatically analyzes

songs and creates radio stations with

music that is similar and are likely to

be enjoyed by people who enjoyed the

artists album or song the station is

based on note that Spotify cannot be

used to listen to regular FM or

satellite radio stations it's just

called Spotify radio because the songs

are chosen for you similar to how

traditional radio stations work

you can access radio by tapping the

three dots beside a song title album

name or artist name

then selecting go-to radio

the last tip we have for you is to

follow other users whether you want to

check out what your friends are

listening to or your favorite

influencers following other Spotify

users is a great way to discover new

music type in the name of the user you

want to follow in the search bar when

they appear in the search results tap

their name

then tap the follow button when this

person makes a new playlist or updates

one of their existing ones it should pop

up on your Spotify home page that does

it for our tutorial on how do you

Spotify happy streaming

thanks for watching if you found this

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