How to Buy Audible Books on iPhone or iPad

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everyone in this video I wanted to show

you how to purchase an audio book on

audible on your iPhone or your iPad so

I'm on the audible app here and this is

the book I want to purchase I'm gonna go

ahead and click on it and I'm sure

you've noticed it does not let you buy a

write with an app it's very confusing

but for some reason because Amazon owns

audible it only lets you buy this book

on Amazon on safari so you have to

launch a web browser to buy this book so

here I could only add it to a wish list

or listen to a sample says this app does

not support purchasing content I hope

they change this in the future to make

it easier but at the time of this

recording in 2019 this is the way that

you have to go about it and I'm gonna

show you right now so this book is

called high-performance habits so what I

need to do is I need to lie safari and I

need to go to once on I'm gonna search for that

book here under the search bar and this

is the book that I want to get so if I

click it here I'm gonna go ahead and

click that book and if I scroll down

right underneath it it's gonna give me

different formats to choose from so for

example I could get Kindle audiobook

hardcover the audiobook is what I could

get on audible so that's the one I'm

gonna select an audible does give you

credit once a month so if you have a

audible membership you should be able to

have this credit here if you don't you

could buy with one click and pay for the

book so audible is a monthly membership

that gives you access to buying these

books and it gives you credits when you

run out of credits you could buy with

one click in this case I'm gonna buy

with the credit that I have so again

search for the book it's gonna take you

to the page where you got to choose the

format audiobook in this case and then

go ahead and either purchase with credit

and purchase with a click I'm gonna

purchase with credit and show you what

to do next so now it says start

listening download the free audible app

to get started I already have the

audible app and I hope you do too so go

ahead and press listen inaudible then

it's gonna open audible for you and now

as you could see it's being downloaded

right here on my books that I've

purchased in the past so right now it's

being downloaded here so if I click it

it's gonna finish downloading and it's

ready to play so you don't even have to

finish downloading the whole

thing you could just go ahead and press

it and he's gonna start playing like

this I'm gonna pause it for a second but

that's how you purchase an audible book

on on safari and then open

audible to get it when you browse on

audible you could only save it to your

favorite or listen to a sample so I hope

this simplified this confusing problem

between audible and Amazon and the way

you get audiobooks please give this

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see you on the next video thanks so much

for watching