How to Check Listening Ports in Linux

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hello everybody welcome to the lecture

calm and it's ramela I'm going to show

how to check the network listening ports

in the next the following example it

shows how to check Network listening

BOTS appreciate examples also I'm going

to use n mob command type en map - yes

but case T and package Oh

enter your hosting local host press

enter now it lifted the just listening

ports of your network no additional

ports in some other the next mission

nmap command is not formed for the time

you should be installed in my command

using m in store next command use yes f

- n n t you and I'm going to check throw

SS command option Ln T is 10 foil for

list number of TCP and UDP port plus

enter now it lists all TCP and UDP

listening puts off now on the next

machine by using SS command now next to

command is type let stat use same option

level n tu + enter now it shows the

network listening ports with local

address and for another state and also

five nations it state details now you

can check the other door listening ports

of your machines both TCP and UDP next

I'm going to check the NATO listening

for from configuration file type cat v

TC service user less option it will list

a limited letters listening ports let's

enter now so it shows the international

ports both TCP and UDP

of your Linux mission so next to come

and I am going to filter the particular

node or based on its both number under

its name let me see how to check that

use cat PTC services oops

option cup and you enter the port number

now it listed all 22 based Network

rationing puts the result will be very

huge it you can filter it by this method

also our next governor I'm going to

filter D Network listening-posts through

its service name using it stat and now

use the following option + enter now it

lists at D as it service listening port

now next I'm going to filter in a total

imports for you CLS I of command use

network protocol or a port number first

I am going to use SMTP my service name

press Enter now it shows the SMTP

service listed now next I'm going to

filter the letters listening post by it

using another SOI of command use LSO F

and enter D protocol name press enter

now it display the SMTP as an imports

detail now again

going to filter the network listening

for stresses command you - iln tea cup

and at the service name or port number I

am going to enter 25 Hz SMTP port number

now it shows the listening states of

SMTP these are the basic methods to

check the network as name puts in your

the next mission thank you for watching