How to Play Music Offline with Spotify

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Spotify has captured more than 36% of

the entire music streaming industry and

more people are switching all the time

from its ad-supported of free tier to

its premium subscription Spotify makes

it easy for anyone to enjoy music

however and whenever they want

listening to music offline with Spotify

it is simple and easy but if you're new

to the app it might not be obvious how

to do it let's start with the basics you

have to be a paying subscriber to listen

to Spotify offline if you're on Spotify

free tier you're going to have to

maintain an internet connection to

listen to music this limitation really

comes down to ads without an internet


Spotify can't serve you ads which is the

only way the company monetizes for users

that said if you do have a Spotify paid

account including the standard premium

account and their student account you

can take your collection offline in just

a few clicks first you'll need to select

the music you want to take offline if

you're trying to take as many songs as

you can offline as possible the easiest

way to do this is to head to your like

songs playlist just flip the download

switch at the top of your playlist and

you can begin downloading your media

your other playlists can be downloaded

by tapping on the menu button then

tapping download while albums can be

downloaded by tapping the download icon

on each album page that's a lot of

different download methods to keep track

of but once you're done downloading your

music all that's left to do is disable

online play and Spotify head into your

settings menu by clicking on the

Settings gear in the top right corner of

the home tab then tap on playback and

toggle offline on at the top of the menu

once you're offline you'll be able to

play music and podcasts that you've

downloaded onto your device everything

that is unable to be played it will be

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