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hello everyone so can you listen to

Pandora in offline so they have

something like offline mode and download

features so a flying mode the feature

that they offer to subscribers you can

listen without five five cell network

signal yeah but it's only available to

pander applause Pandora premium open

door of premium family subscribers and

only from iOS Android mobile devices

Apple watch and feed bits so there you

have it

so let's go sure so for Pandora Plus

subscribers the thing is that they can't

choose which stations they'd like

available for flying listening instead

Pandora will do not up to three of their

your most listened to stations as well

as your some print radio and make them

available on your offline station list

yep Pandora will never use the last 500

megabytes of storage on your device yeah

you can give sums up sums down skip

reply by an offline mode there you have

it for from Dora premium premium family

subscribers you have the ability to

select stations you have download many

songs album stations playlists from

Pandora's library so how much storage do

you need of line contents can take up to

three hundred seven hundred megabytes of

device space divided depending on the

types of stations or albums you listen

to as for example classical music can

take up more space and a pop station

again Pandora will never use the last

five hundred megabytes of storage

available if your subscription is

interrupted you will lose access to

offline connection it's not possible to

transfer Pandora music collection to an

external music library like Apple music

so it depends so for Pandora plus


Pandora will automatically the nor three

of your most listened-to stations to get

you started as well as some print radio

and our premium premium family members

you can just go to my collection and

click the download button it's not

possible to download podcasts yep you

can enable or disable offline mode you

can check out your demo settings and you

can remove all downloads so they'll have

it guys hope it's helpful