This iPhone Feature Allows You To Spy and Listen to Conversations From Far Away

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hey guys in today's video we're talking

about an accessibility feature that

could potentially allow you to spire

listen to a conversation maybe 30 40 50

feet away with a wireless headphone now

this feature was enabled in I was 12 and

of course the purpose of this is not to

spy or listening eavesdrop into

conversations but it can be used for

that because I was tried it earlier and

is really really strong it's called a

live listening and it turns your

wireless headphone into a microphone

that intensifies the audio frequency and

it brings it into the headphone and you

can hear clearly conversation is

happening 30 40 50 feet away I was in my

room earlier and the TV in the living

room was on and I turned this feature on

and I can hear it so I'm gonna do a test

here imma show you how you activate this

feature first things first make sure

your wireless headphones in this case

earbuds are connected to the iPhone the

next thing you want to do is go into

control center here and make sure you

toggle it on it's right there it is

hearing so make sure it is enabled and

then what we want to do next is go ahead

and enable the feature within control

center now all we have to do is bring up

the toggle here and 3d touch on it and

then turn it on now I'm pretty sure you

guys can't hear the TV happening right

now in the background but what I do is

the second air pod one is in my ear in

order to turn it on and the second one

I'm gonna put it on the microphone that

I have in front of me to see if you guys

can hear the TV so at a count of three

we're going to turn it on and we're

going to go to live listening 1 2 3 can

you hear that I can hear the TV clearly

in my ear right now the one is in my ear

and the other one is right on the

microphone and that is how much it

intensifies the audio here with this

wireless Bluetooth let me turn it off

because they're gonna hear myself really

strong in my ears so let me go ahead and

turn this off there we go so it really

intensifies the audio that's coming in

to the live listening device so maybe

you're sitting somewhere and you want to

listen to a TV that's far away this is

gonna be an awesome feature or you're

watching TV at night maybe in the room

you don't want to disturb your partner

you want to keep the TV low you can use

this feature with a wireless headphones

and here the TV let me know if you tried

it out I hope you guys have a great day

thank you for watching and I'll see you

on the next one