How to watch movies on netflix in spanish?

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I'm going to show you how to change your

Netflix from English to Spanish here I


okay I have my ps3 on if you can't see

it um how's the options of log on and

then it has my name so I just click onto

that this is not really a big detail to

get there I will move the camera in a

better position so you guys can see it

as soon as I got get onto Netflix but

yeah I'm just logging on right now watch

black screen it's loading now the second

there's an option on my computer it's

like a pop-up like you need chores your

computer but not okay you can see that

the Netflix is turning on now I just

click my name I go down to my favorite

court tube or movie I want to watch most

cartoons could be in Spanish in English

and I really like using this because all

you have to do is click onto the movie

and they place it's now in English

okay they didn't say any English words

yet but yeah it's in English

you just have to pause the movie you go

down to audio action see that there's a

table right underneath the play area see

that whenever you pause it

move down your kima doodle and you click

okay and you're like oh yeah I want to

go Spanish and you want the words down

there in English and no play just like


Cusco por la membrane a beaver mica say

que es una Appadurai IV's pero la

Salle's tienen toast I see nose

totalmente diferentes algo see passing

and that's how you change it from

English to Spanish I hope this helps you

if not I'm sorry but thank you for

watching subscribe if you want