How to play music from your Apple Watch without your iPhone

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what's up guys this is ian and in this

video i'm gonna show you how to sync

your music from your from your iphone to

your Apple watch in my previous video I

showed you guys how to sync sort of how

to pair your watch with a speaker but if

you don't have any songs in your Apple

watch how you gonna play the music so

let's get into it

now just rip out your iPhone all right

and then you'll need to go to your Apple

watch app alright so once you're in this

app scroll down to your music alright

and over here you can see a few options

first you got to choose what is the

music storage limit that you want to

sync to your Apple watch the the maximum

limit is two gigabytes and what I would

recommend is that you create a new

playlist and you name it

Apple watch and you put all the songs

that you want to sync to your Apple

watch into this playlist alright and

then you go to your music syncing and

you choose the playlist that you want to

sync to to your Apple watch okay I've

really done that so now my top rated is

being synced and it's pending okay the

reason why is pending is because your

watch needs to be on a charging on the

charger to be

to enable the sync to to work okay so

let's assume that you have synced all

your songs into your Apple watch

okay so let's let me show you how to

start playing your music directly from

your Apple watch without the iPhone so

you press the digital crown and then you

go to your music okay and then you force

touch your Apple watch and you click on

source now on source you have two

options you can choose your iPhone as

the source or you can choose your Apple


as your source okay so okay let me do it


you go to force touch and then you tap

on source and then you tap on Apple

watch okay

and as you can see on my Apple watch I

have all the songs here which is being

synced from my iPhone and then can start

to tap on play okay

so previously I paired my watch with my

portable speaker so the sound is coming

out from my portable speaker alright so

that's how you sync your music to your

Apple watch and play your music from

your Apple watch without your iPhone so

I hope you enjoyed my video thanks for

watching again I appreciate your likes

and see you again thank you