How to save an MP3 to your iPhone

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Okay, so you have these MP3s on your computer and you want to listen to them on your iPhone.

Transferring them is simple, and I’ll show you how.

To get an MP3 from your computer to your iPhone, all you need is iTunes, and either a Lightning

cable or a subscription to either Apple Music or iTunes Match.

Oh, and this process works for both MP3 and AAC files, as well as other formats like WAV

or AIFF.

You follow the same steps whether you have an iPhone or iPad, and it’s also the same

whether you have a Mac or Windows.

First, let’s get that MP3 into your iTunes library.

Just open iTunes, make sure you’re in the Music section, and then drag-and-drop the

file right into iTunes.

That’s it!

Now that it’s in your iTunes library, it’s time to get it to your iPhone.

If you have an Apple Music or iTunes Match subscription, you can store up to 100,000

tracks in the cloud.

All you have to do is right-click (or control-click) on the file, and choose “Add to iCloud Music


Now, it will magically show up in the Music app for any iPhone or iPad logged in to the

same Apple ID.

If you don’t have Apple Music or iTunes Match, you can still move you songs to your


After adding your MPs to iTunes, plug in your iPhone with the lightning cable.

You’ll probably have to unlock your phone to allow the computer to access your device.

Then, click the little phone icon in the upper left.

Now that iTunes is showing your phone settings, head to the Music section, and check the box

to sync music.

You can sync everything, or just the music you want.

Click Apply and wait for it to sync, and you’re done.