i listened to only K-POP for a week straight

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my ears have constantly been blessed

throughout the life of my youtube

channel first it was ocean man voice

crack Edition for 24 hours then I

listened to every single kids bought

album and then the longest song in the

world this time I thought I would do

something a little bit different I'm

going to be listening to only kpop for a

week straight now if you didn't quite

touch that I will have kpop bands and

singers playing non-stop while I'm

sleeping when I eat when I go to the

bathroom when I'm out being social and

making conversation with people which I

don't typically do but theoretically

speaking now why am I doing this it's

because I get asked quite a bit if I

like kpop music people will ask me if I

like this band where if I like this band

well the truth is the only k-pop artists

that I've ever listened to is BTS so I

can't really form an opinion on kpop is

an entire genre if I've only listened to

one band I really enjoyed BTS as music I

think they're very talented and they

sure as heck can dance but it is time

for me to dive deeper into this world

it's possible that I could end up really

liking kpop by the end of this week

you're gonna have to stay tuned to find

out what the final verdict is and I'm

also gonna give you a review on each of

the bands that I listen to I got this

list from you guys I asked you over on

Twitter which kpop bands are your

favorite and which ones you would

recommend for me to listen to we're

starting this on Tuesday and going until

next Monday so we're gonna have a

different band for each day that is a

total of seven bands because BTS was the

most highly recommended one we are

starting off with them today on Tuesday

tomorrow we're doing red velvet

Thursday's black pink Friday as XO

Saturday is twice in maybe Woon ax so I

lied two bands on that day sunday is day

six get it because it's day six of the

challenge I'm so clever and then on day

seven the final day of the challenge we

are going out with the banger seventeen

one of you all said that Big Time Rush

is your favorite k-pop man so we may

possibly have to

rinkle some big-time rush into this week

normally I'll listen to some emo music

or rap metal jazz you know we'll

sprinkle a little bit of Shawn Mendes in

there and if I'm really wanting to catch

a vibe kids off because I'm used to

listening to so many different types of

music it's going to be very interesting

to see how I hold up with only one thing

non-stop without any further ado we are

going to get this started with some I

know a few of their songs I know

fake love I actually really really like

that one so maybe I will do that first

I'm just gonna breathe in

all of that fresh of BTS air vibes wait

did they do a cover of Old Town Road No


I'm so ready for rapmonster and sugar to

serenade my ear holes and fill up the

craft in my heart fake love BTS



they're just think of the fake love I

feel that I really should also mention

that we're gonna be doing fun things

every day to make this more interactive

like going out in public

maybe we'll bake a cake or something

also I don't know how loud I'm speaking

right now because this music is really

loud in my ears but I'm alive I'm living

so hot why am i doing this during summer

I have been dancing so hard for the past

two hours BTS has some high key box I

think that I have well deserved a

delicious bowl of cereal so let's go

make it hey dad do you like BTS

sunshine do you like BTS oh she does

do you like my socks so far my favorite

songs from BTS are fire I really like

how in the music video they just set

everything on fire like mood honestly

and spring day that song made me cry

which granted it's not hard to make me

cry because I cried like 10 times a day

but you know it was a good cry


you know what's crazy I'm actually

feeling pretty good right now which is

surprising because I'm typically in a

constant state of suffering so we're

doing fantastic today it's almost

midnight I feel like this challenge is

going pretty well because I'm not

annoyed by the music yet however I do

feel that it's gonna be an issue now

because I want to go to bed and this

isn't exactly sleepy time music it's

more dancey dancey music so this is

gonna be a long week of a no sleep so

I'll update y'all in the morning how my

night went yeah so I got no sleep last

night good morning it is Wednesday my

dudes which means that we are going to

be listening to some red-velvet I'm

gonna have to say goodbye to BTS for now

it was a great time but I'm actually

very ready to move on to something

different their most popular song is Sim

salabim okay they have a song called bad

boy in peekaboo

oh they edgy another thing that I

realized is even if I'm listening to

great music this week is going to be

very hard because sometimes I just want

to sit in silence that I can't do that

because I'm supposed to have something

constantly playing and what if I just

don't want to listen to anything which

is kind of unfortunate because it's only

the second day and I already want to

turn off music and sleep why do I do

this this is like music that would be

playing in the club which is awesome but

I'm not at a club I'm tired

we'll say though these girls are very

beautiful yes Queens kill it

now I'm not gonna lie red velvet has

some bops however my thickness my true

form when I hear this name I think of

red velvet cake maybe this is a stale

joke in the fandom and you guys don't

want to hear it but I have been thinking

about red velvet cake all day so I'm

gonna head to Walmart and get some


decided that there are too many people

here that I have another mission

we're out of Capri Suns at the house so

I need to get done



here's the final result I know it looks

really disgusting that I promise it

tastes good it's crumbling and falling

apart kind of like my life haha after

listening to red velvet all day my two

favorite songs from them are look and

bad-boy I'm really content at the moment

the cake is nice it's red velvet did I

mention that I slept like a baby last


it was great I slept it into like noon

don't even judge me because I know you

all have done that before to my overall

thoughts red velvet has some really cool

sounds in their music super cool bands

name it is time to move on to black pink

they are oh dang

they're gorgeous too what is it with all

these kpop fans they're all flawless

what the heck can you just take a look

at that they're so pretty

their number one song on Spotify at the

moment is kill this love so let's start

with that

this is cool black pink has certified

watts this has like Nicki Minaj vibes I

love it wait is Nicki Minaj featured in

this they did a song with duo liebe I'm

living for this duo Lipa black pink

collab it's a good song now because I

ate so much red velvet cake yesterday I

think I'm gonna don't want to run today

you silly goose

I need to go on a run to just work off

all that cake that I ate okay and this

is good workout music this is like

getting me really pumped up let's go

my puppy licked my face so now it's all

wet and I think she was eating poop

earlier so that's great I went for my

usual 10-second run it was exhausting I

felt like I was gonna throw up so I

thought you know what it's probably

about time to hit the hay if you all

know what I mean happy Friday it's time

to listen to XO a few fun facts about

them there are nine band members and

they debuted in 2012 so they've been

around for quite a while let's go ahead

and take a listen to their teens who I

want to listen to monster first


I do like this I'm noticing that each

group has their own vibe which is good

because I'm gonna catch all of the vibes

then I also feel like what I'm saying in

my review on these groups is getting

really repetitive because they all have

cool sounds good melodies cool music so

how about we do something fun and open

this package that I got from Amazon so I

ordered a foam camp because I'm

switching from the iPhone 6 to the

iPhone XR and pretty much what I did is

I found a super cheap foam case on

Amazon and got that one do we really

care no it was cheap that's what matters

I'll let you all be the judge of whether

this is actually cute or not let me know

in the comments if you like this it has

flowers on it we have a nice floral

disability oh my word it's actually

really cute I like that design for a

cheap phone case I'm satisfied am I

gonna write a review on Amazon probably

not because that takes too much time and

I have to listen to kpop somehow I ended

up in the Taco Bell parking lot with a

burrito on this Monday morning I think

that says everything you need to know

about this situation I'm awful I only

had one job and that was diblock over

the weekend and I did no vlogging

whatsoever in my defense I was too busy

crying and also all of Saturday and

Sunday I looked like a greasy bra so I'm

just gonna spare y'all's eyes from that

even though I don't look much different

now I made an oopsie by not documenting

every day of this process but it's okay

because I kept listening to these k-pop

artists and I'm gonna give you the final

breakdown on Friday when I was listening

to EXO I found out that my favorite song

from them is mama and then the next day

I listened to twice I really like the

song turtle it has nice acoustic vibes

it's a very chill song next was Luna my

favorite song from them was satellite

it's very groovy I actually don't know

if groovy is the right word but you know

it made me want to do my Squidward dance

again so

pretty cool yesterday I listened to day

six my fav song from them was dance

dance now I can put together a playlist

where I have danced dance from Fall Out

Boy in dance dance from day six so I'll

have like double dance dance on my

playlist sick at the moment today it's

Monday I'm listening to seventeen and so

far my favorite song from them is drama

absolute hits the point of this video

you know there really wasn't a point I

just hope it entertained you guys and if

it did make sure to hit that thumbs up

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this week of kpop is over it's time to

go listen to kids bought for the next

year please join me and let me know down

in the comments who's your favorite band

of all time who's your favorite k-pop

group who is your favorite kids from the

Kidz Bop Kidz just don't get too

aggressive in the comments let's all be

nice okay thank you so much for watching

I hope you guys have a fantastic day I

love you all bye