How to listen to audio and read Kindle books

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hey guys some of you are asking about

the audio books and the Kindle books and

how you should get those through Amazon

and all those types of questions so I

thought it would make a short video to

show you how I and do that and how you

could do it too so I'm going to show you

a couple of apps that are actually free

for you to use I'm going to go in to the

App Store and the apps that you're going

to use are Kindle and so of course

you'll just go and search for Kindle and

of course already have it so it's not

going to let me download it and it's a

free app again you'll just download it

the next one is going to be audible

so it's this one here and again you'll

just download it they're both free and

it's a lot of people typically think

that you have to have a Kindle to be

able to read the Kindle books but you do

not just any type and a tablet phone app

had anything that you can download an

app you can read the books so and I just

wanted to show you that as well and ok

so how do you get the book how do you

get the I of it there's a couple

different ways so I'm going to open up

where I actually have all of mothers so

first I'm going to show you the Kindle

the kindle feature and so I'm going to

pull this up and so of course this is

where I have one of my books

um pulled up and so I'm going to go to

the menu and look at all my books that I

have here um ok so let's look at let's

just go to the 5 love languages


all right so I just want to show you

just a couple of the features here how

to use it how to utilize some of the

things here and so one thing that I

really like is if there's something that

stands out to me something that I want

to remember you know highlight or you

know just come back to later on of

course I can highlight it so like it's

just here this what is an attitude with

appropriate behavior let's say I want to

highlight that you know I'm just going

to hold down over it and highlight it

and so later if I want to come back to

that I just you know tab on the text and

excuse me up here there is like a little

notepad and I'm going to click on that

and it's going to show me anything

that's see right there we go yeah love

is an attitude with appropriate behavior

and so anything that I've highlighted or

I'm taking a bit mark or through my

audio app a bit mark or note you know

whatever I can go back there and look

through all of my notes and I'm just

kind of freshen up on some of the things

that I learned and from this book and

that's what's important here is not to

just read it and move on is read it and

apply it to your life and something else

that I like is if you tap the minibar

there's also popular highlights so not

only things that you got from the book

but on Goodreads which is another app

things that other people got popular

things that and others have highlighted

so you can kind of you know go through

there and look there's usually not a

whole lot but just against the popular

things that were and highlight it

okay so um I'm going to click out of

this and show you like how to actually

get the books

Oh something else real quick here where

it says search if I was looking for you

know let's say my love language left

language was gift and I wanted to see

every time that it's a gift I can pull

that up right here and so I would just

scroll through there there was a certain

passage that I could kind of recall but

didn't know exactly what was that and

you know I could look for it and pull it

up okay so I really like that feature I

use it quite often and so that's

something that I like if there was

anything else

of course you can go through the

your watch after yeah so was it alright

so I'm going to go back to the library

and here where you see that little

Amazon and icon I'm going to click on


and that's going to let me shop for

different books um and you'll see here

click you can shop for popular books

audiobooks Kindle limited prime reading

now and Kindle unlimited you do have to

have a subscription it's $10 a month but

you get 10 free books any time so that

means that you can have 10 books at a

time it doesn't mean for a certain time

period and but it's well worth the money

and we have it we utilize every bit of

it for us for our kids our Bible studies

come from there and most of the books

that we read and listen to come from

there as well

prom rating if you have Amazon Prime

which I know a lot of people do anyway

and there are several books that are

included in your Prime membership that

are free I know a lot of people don't

realize it but that just became

available in October of last year so

I'll show you how to do that too and how

to upgrade from Kindle books to audio

and so what you can do here is let's say

that you want to just search for a book

maybe there's a book that you have in

mind that you want to download and

there's one that I know I want something

about busy just think of what it exactly

called it busy breaking busy how to find

peace and purpose in the world of crazy


okay so this is the book I've been

looking I don't want to get and you'll

see here where it says and you can get a

free sample so you can kind of read just

like a couple pages of it and I mean you

can do that but it really is not going

to give you a whole lot of information


whoops where did it go

if I'm less away

sorry guys try this again okay now there

it is I just lost it okay

I just lost my phone we couldn't see it

myself okay

um back to that screen all right so

you'll see that you can't see a price

you know it just doesn't show me how

much it is obviously you want to know

how much it is before you just purchase

it but you can't even purchase it from

this app so what I typically do is add

it to the list and that list goes to

your Amazon app and so what I like to do

because if you're busy like I am

freaking busy right you do not have the

time to sit down and read even if I did

I don't have that in Japan just to

prepare and read so I'm walking around

the house my earbuds and doing laundry

doing the dishes and the things that I

have to do and but you know listening

and developing you know growing myself

learning how to have more effective

marriage you know those types of things

so what I'm going to do is I'm actually

going to add this to a list that I have

on Amazon and so I have several

different lists cause I'm constantly

looking at things on to read so I'm

going to actually add this to my

shopping list so again I don't know if

it will set it to another one let's add

it to Gary Chapman even though it's not

a Carrie Chapman book okay

weren't you going maybe is it go we'll

click out of there one more fun

this item has already been added to

wishlist oh maybe we already have it in

there that's what okay so it's already

in my wishlist all right so now what I

do I'm going to click out of there so

that is always in my wish list right so

I can get out of Kindle now you would

think that you could just go to Amazon

app and order it well you can't you have

to go to UM to a desktop in order you

can actually go I believe you can go to

Chrome in order as well let me try that

because I'm not a lot of people don't

use computers or maybe not even have one

let's see if you can do that you might

be able to so let's see so this is just

like going come our Nissan

bien so if you're signed in you can

create a list and what a list is is

basically like any other store you would

have is your wish list so I'm going to

go to your list

and then you can see up to this

basically and about every lissa so I'm

going to go to this Gary Chapman

okay breaking busy how to funky so it's

there okay but I don't want to buy it

with one click I really hate that

feature yeah okay so I'm going to

actually hop on the computer and show

you how to do that alright so what I'm

going to do now again I've gotten Amazon

pulled up here I'm going to go to this

list we just pull it up that book I

showed you guys alright so it's a dollar

ninety-nine like seriously that's cheap

right it's a dollar ninety-nine and then

here's where you have a choice you have

a choice to just get the dollar running

on book and read 207 pages I believe is

what it is yeah 207 pages or I can get

the Kindle which is what I do and then

add the audible for $9.99 okay those are

your choices and then you can purchase

it okay and you know you can go through

and buy now for one click or you know

whatever it is you decide to do there

and as far as that goes

so that's how you do that I'll tell you

buy both of them and get the narration

okay and I do want to show you how and

you can listen to the audio check notes

or like it stuff so I'm going to switch

it back actually now that is such a

Becky I so do you want to show you how

to search some and when you're in Amazon

so you're in amazon over here to the

left is Department and so I'm going to

search for books and audio audible and

so I always go for Kindle books or

Kindle unlimited if you have Kindle

unlimited that's the way to go because

they don't cost you anything besides

your ten dollars in that set you pay

so Kindle books


and then you can go to several different

and categories and as far as what you're

probably looking for

I would go to self-help is what I would

probably go to or some right now if you

are new to personal development for

books with marriage

typing gary chapman and just start down

the list start down the list of all his

books find about you know what it is

you're struggling with what you need for

your marriage and just go and go through

there you know like this book i

recommend it for you guys to swim or try

it's eight seventy one for your kindle

and then you can get the audible for 391

well if you don't want the kindle just

do the audible 399 right um and that you

know that's the way to do it now it

might be 399 because i've already

purchased it because sometimes you know

it's cheaper when you bought the kindle

first and then the audible and that's

probably what the case is here okay um

but i do want to show you one thing

about the Kindle unlimited and why we do

Kindle unlimited so if I am to search

for the books and Kindle unlimited

and then to browse the catalog and then

go to what's self-help

you already have this one I'm not sure

if I haven't audios

yeah I already have that one yet already

have that one so nervous


all right I don't have this one

sorry and I'm trying to just find one

where you can


well I purchased sentences chrétien I

have a lot of these where you can just

add the audible and save this I know I

don't have that alright so basically

what you can do here is you can purchase

the Kindle and then there should be a

little box to click but it's not showing

me there should be a little box to click

to add to upgrade to the audibles um

it's just going to be difficult for me

because I'm doing a video that's what


oh gosh seems just oh there we go yes

alright so say you're like piece of

mindfulness and everyday rituals to

conquer anxiety and calm and limited

inner peace quite limited inner peace so

the book is free you read for free

download the book and now as you're

downloading books you can say add

audible narration for a dollar

ninety-nine so you get the narration for

two bucks right so you have this book in

your library

you know it's 132 pages and then you

know it's downloading to your audible so

okay well how do I get in right and so

I'm going to show you how this is how

we're going to switch back to my phone

okay all right

so I've already sent you the Kindle now

I'm going to show you oughta bowl

alright so here we go with audible once

you download it it will show you know

that your book is downloading so anyone

that logs in with your email address and

password obviously will be in the cloud

and so let's say that you're going to

listen to you know just fit mentality um

I'm gonna sure narrated by Lily

Chevallier alright so obviously that's

going to play all that good stuff and so

what I'm going to do is as I'm listening

to listening to this and I find a spot

that I like and I want to take a clip of

that I want to set a bookmark and here

at the bottom is clip and so I'll do

that I'll just hit clip and you can add

a note and sometimes I do that most of

the time I don't and the reason I don't

is because I can flip back to the Kindle

and I can find my book fit mentality go

to my notes like I showed you earlier

and it takes the notes for me so if I

hit bad she's a little blue that's where

I get mine out so I don't need it like I

can just go to it and say what was it

that I wanted anything what did I want

it for oh it was just right here and I

can highlight it if I want to just

really no need to because I can just

pull up the note

isn't that awesome like I love that

feature and one more thing I want to

show you this is what I like this is how

I can send you guys some of these books

I don't know what the limit is I'm sure

I could probably google it and find it

but you can gift books and you can send

books for free so if no one has ever

received a book for free you can gift

them a book their first book from a

friend of trees and so like if I'm going

to send this fit mentality to someone

these three dots right here I can click

on those and I can send this book to

someone I just have to have their email

their phone number or by student

messenger I send that to them and they

get it for free of course I have to have

the audible and download it and start

listening right and I can also gift

looks you do have to go to an audible

and come on I'll show you really quick

and then I'll be done

and you do have to go to inaudible but

notices I can't think

computer if you've got a computer and go

to show your library as

there as well so let's say I wanted to

gift this I thought it was just me it's

a good one for you guys to read to

telling the truth about perfectionism

inadequacy and power basically kind of

what we're talking about in this group

that so many other people you know are

going through some of the same things

you just don't realize it because we

don't talk about it let's say I want to

gift this so I'm just going to actually

went really fast to that so I'm going to

click on the library my books

and I'm going to scroll down and off on

the book that I want and then the title

is where I'm going to click not the

actual audio books the title and then

here under where you write the book it

says give as a gift

and I actually get a very discounted

price on it since I've already purchased

the Kindle and then I get the discount

price on the audiobook so whatever I

purchased the audiobook for is what I

can gift it for so I can give this to

someone for you know less than five

dollars just need their email type that

in and I can give that to somebody so

it's pretty neat I like to do that you

know a lot of times for my fitness girls

and you know just friends in general so

anyways that's how you do it I don't

really think there's anything else as

far as that goes

anything Gary Chapman is great to start

with as far as your marriage personal

development and then brené Brown read

everything she has listened to

everything she has she's amazing

youtuber yes she's great so and I think

that's it and if you have any questions

about that

please let me know and I'll talk to