Joe Rogan On Spotify Is A TERRIBLE Experience

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hey guys this is a little bit different

of a video today

but i wanted to just go into the

spotify podcast experience as i have

been using it to listen to the joe rogan


and i have to say that listening to the

joe rogan podcast on spotify

has been an absolutely colossal


for the audio podcast experience now i

want to go ahead and show you guys the

other app that i was using

show you what this transition for me has

been like into using spotify for it

and ultimately why i can't stand it

so let's go into the spot let's go into

the podcast application i was using


and this is pocketcast now prior i could

go ahead

and i could set this is m the mkbhd


i could go ahead and set this

application up to automatically download

my next episodes auto archive it and


make it so that my podcasts were always

synced and i never had to worry about

downloading it or waiting for a podcast

to download

or streaming it because generally

streaming it over wi-fi

or downloading it and playing it off of

the internal storage is going to take up

less battery than streaming something


data and essentially all of my podcasts

are here they're all in one condensed


and it makes the podcast experience

pretty seamless because i can go ahead

and filter stuff

unplayed episodes and this way all of

the podcasts

and everything that i want from a


are here and they are prepared and ready

for me to listen to

it has a discover option that allows you

to go ahead and look

at and discover new podcasts

but it isn't necessarily the best portal

for discovering new podcasts now

since joe rogan has gone on to spotify

i've actually been using spotify for a

little while

to listen to the joe budden podcast and

andrew schultz

the flagrant podcast which are all

podcasts done by comedians

but now on my home screen of spotify


literally all podcasts

and spotify is no longer necessarily

pushing music related content to me

and this is just absolutely so

frustrating because now i have to go out

of my way

to find music it just makes the overall


less convenient less enjoyable

and just a bigger pain in my ass now on

top of that specifically with joe rogan

his episodes are video as well as

audio and since he signed the deal with

spotify now

all of these goddamn shows are


all of these shows are now downloading

uh uh

as video as well and if you're on

uh wi-fi it'll stream it over wi-fi but

we'll also

use your data connection to push the

video call

the video content to your device which i

really really don't like now on top of

that another kind of

quirky buggy thingy that i've noticed

with listening to podcasts

or specifically the joe brogan podcast

on spotify is if i'm listening to the

podcast i have my screen

locked and i'm and i'm listening to it

as normal

if i let's say i'm walking through an


i briefly connect to wi-fi or i unlock

my phone

it will start streaming the video aspect

of it

and sometimes the podcast itself the

audio portion of it will

pause as it downloads and buffers the

video stream

interrupting my overall listening

experience which is really really

unpleasurable the next next aspect of

this is that there's

no way for me to just disable the video

aspect of this

which really really i cannot stand

um as i would love nothing more than to


have to watch any aspects or any parts

of any of the podcasts that i'm

listening to as i'm not

going to spotify to watch video content

the fact that i'm using up data in my

data plan every month

to download video that i don't give a

about is just really really

annoying now on top of that we can't

follow and automatically download

any of these episodes meaning every time

i want to have an episode downloaded i

have to go down

and download it and then uncheck it

there's no way to automatically have

this stuff downloaded onto my device as

it was before and if we go into settings

we still

don't see that at all canvas is

something i usually turn off i haven't

done that recently

you guys can see that there is no way

for me to automatically download

podcasts which is and there's

also no way for me to not stream the

video content

over data which is really spotify's way

of getting you to interact with the

video content on their service

more but if you're just in it for a


this just destruction of your spotify

home stream

this really kind of blatant um

promotion of the video aspects of a


is just really unpleasurable and overall

for the like hardcore podcast person

this is definitely a downgrade when

compared to another application or

another service

such as pocketcasts i

really wish we could see an overhaul of

spotify so that we had

more automatic podcast downloading


as well as the ability to opt in or opt

out of

video content when on wi-fi versus one

on cellular

or just overall more granular control if

you guys

also like podcasts and you like the


experience let me know why you like the

spotify experience

if you can't stand podcasts on spotify

let me know your reasons why in the

comment section down below

and until next time guys it's been

mitchell peace