Listen to Japanese Radio in Your House on Sonos

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today I'm going to show you how to play

Japanese radio in your house if you have

a Sonos system so Sonos is the little

black square icon press that first you

need to turn on your Wi-Fi so turn on

your Wi-Fi and pick the room I'm gonna

pick a great room so right now there's

no music playing so go to the down arrow

and the three lines and you want radio

by tuned in and all the way at the

bottom you'll pick the location and then

the continent Asia country Japan and I

will randomly pick let's try it you want

a picture and there your heart sometimes

the radio stations don't work so you

just have to keep trying them let's try

this one

what I like about it is you can hear

commercials and the talking of the hosts

for more and more Japanese input to get

better practice better listening

practice as well as the songs so find a

station you like and put it on your

favorites and that's it if you don't

have sonís in your house you can play

tune in radio through your PC through

your phone or other devices but that's a

different video this is just if you have