Best Offline Music Apps for iPhone - 2021 Review

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hey guys in this one i've got eight

offline music apps for the iphone

that you can use to listen to your music

offline now

these actually have some different

features some are really good

at just playing your own music and you

don't need a wi-fi or a

mobile connection some are actually

really good at finding music online and

downloading it so that you can listen to

it offline

so be sure to watch all the way through

to see which app is going to best fit


and before we get into the first one

just to say that a lot of these offline

music apps actually do change quite


some of the features get added and taken


so whenever you are watching this one

whatever app is or isn't working for you

at the time

just let us know in the comments and

then people can know when they're

watching it actually which apps are

gonna do best

so the first one is called music offline

and the reason i picked this one is

because i really like the interface

now with music offline you can share all

of your own

music onto the app so if you've got your


and you have a dropbox account or a

google drive account or a onedrive

account you can even do wi-fi transfer

as well so you can

import all of your own music into the

files app on your iphone and then you

can import that right into the

music offline app to listen to it lets

you play absolutely everything in

offline mode so as long as it's an audio

file you're going to get this in offline

mode it's a really nice

simple interface and it has dark mode as

well you can switch between either light

or dark mode

on the home page as well you get many

trending songs

and different categories you can also

just search for anything that you want

in the search bar

download those songs and then they're

going to be in your import folder that's

basically the download folder

where you have all of the music that the

app knows about that you can listen to


i'll also put some extra links and

information in the description of this

video so

be sure to check out those videos and

links if you want more information

more best apps videos but we'll get on

to number two which is actually not a

music app it's a private browser called

private this is actually a really really

popular way of

essentially downloading media offline so

it's a really really popular browser and

it essentially

lets you go to any website and then

recognizes if there are any media files

like audio or video a lot of people use

this one and i think it was actually

recently taken offline a lot of people

said they had issues with it recently

it looks like it's back now it looks

like you can use it so

depending on what time you're watching

this it might be a good option

anyway with private it's kind of

different to the other apps

so you can actually just download files

from any website that you go to

it then lets you play all of them in

offline mode so it's not just music

or mpe3 mp4 files as well so videos

music pretty much audio books as well

you can go

onto a site it's a private browser lets

you download them

once everything is downloaded it will

let you move everything between folders

create playlists of your favorite media

as well and then if you are playing

music it will let you play in lock

screen mode as well and

that goes for every app in this list if

you are in lock screen they will keep

playing and that's obviously a

prerequisite for an

app like this all of the apps in this

list that i've found do have that


next on the list is treble and i'm gonna

go pretty quickly over this one because

uh in the uk anyway this isn't actually

available if you're in the states

or mexico then this app will be

available to you

more specifically you need an app store

account in

the states or mexico and i've heard it's

a very very good app and i've never used

it personally because i can't

there are lots of good options in this

app though and you can look online for

those options so

yes you can go into offline mode and

pretty much play

everything lock screen you can play in

that as well all of the

songs that you've downloaded will be in

your downloads folder there's lots of

ways that you can actually go and listen

to them

you can import all of your own files but

you can also search on the app for many

files as well

there's also a shazam like feature in

this one so you just press the button

it's going to recognize what you're

listening to

take you through to a link so you can

listen to it and possibly download it as

well so

you might want to check that one out if

you're in the states

audio mac is next yep definitely an

offline player

there's a limited number of songs on

this one that i found so not the biggest

or best collection

for some reason but overall it's a

really solid player

i like the way you can very very easily

search for songs

in the top bar though there are a fair

few ads in this one

not the best considering that the music

library isn't also the best but

overall it's a really simple to use app

a lot of people have used this one

in the past as well because of the ease

of essentially

finding a song getting it downloaded

into your downloads folder and then

listening to it offline

when you sign up it's going to ask you

what type of music you do like you can

skip this though you don't have to go

through it but it is a really well laid

out app the design is pretty good and i

guess that's why a lot of people use it

i think the design overall just lends

itself really well to

usage it looks like a kind of app that

should be paid for but it's kind of free

for the most part so

i think that's why a lot of people use

audio map just check if

these songs that you want are available

at the time melodista is a bit different

this one is

super simple it's like bare bones


but depending on what your use case is

it might really work for you

this is more just really simple in that

it's just an offline

media player so you can really easily


files that you own and have onto your


and then it's going to be a really

simple to use media player yes you can

listen in lock screen you can download

files from google drive onedrive

dropbox wi-fi transfer as well even the

itunes folder you can download it from

there anyway that you can basically get

files onto your iphone it will recognize

them and then

give them to you in a really nice

looking simple to use media player

you're not going to be searching for

songs or downloading songs on this one

but if you have these songs or audio

books or something like that

already and you just want a really nice

to use player

then this is it e sound is a really good

music player one of the big caveats to

this one though is that if you do want

to listen to songs offline

you have to upgrade to the premium

version it's still not that expensive

i think it's like 13 pounds in the uk so

i guess it's about 15

in the us which you know isn't a lot of

money but

most people want free music players

otherwise they're just going to go with

spotify or

apple music or something like that and

you have tune in radio as well which is

free for the most part but if you don't

absolutely have to listen

offline then this is a really good play

it has pretty much

all the music in the world on there so

you're not going to be

sort of looking for songs that aren't

there really really good selection on

this one

a really good layout as well sections

categories for music it's all laid out i

think it does

really look like spotify quite a lot to

be honest

the player is very good though there's

lots of options to favor and to

make different playlists it's really

easy to find different genres and

maybe some artists that you've not known

before as well so it's definitely worth

a look at but

if you're looking for an offline music

player for free maybe this one isn't for


music player is a relatively new one for

me i found a few bugs in this one but


actually you've got a really good

selection of songs

you can view them download them play

them offline and play them in lock


the home screen on this one is really

simple you have a trending chart you

also have some playlists

some different genres that you can look

through i did find a couple of bugs

though when i was searching for some

music it crashed a couple of times but

other than that

it's a pretty solid app this one's

really good if you have songs already

on your device it's not that great for

searching for many songs that you can

easily download so if you have a library

of songs already

definitely use this one i found a good

selection of songs on here

not amazing some big artists not there

also with this one some of the songs you

can download some you can't so

i'd give this one kind of a hit and miss

depending on what type of user you are

it might be really good for you

then we come to offline music this

actually has no branding it's literally

called offline music in the app store

then when you download the app the name

of the app it calls itself is music app

the name is actually quite good though

it gives you exactly what you want so

you get trending songs on here

top hits artists live music even audio

books on this

one so there's way more than just songs

on here each and every song you can


and then play in offline mode or online

mode play it in lock screen as well and

there's even a sleep timer in this app

which i think is pretty cool so if you

like to listen to music or audio books

before you go to bed

you can put a sleep timer on for like an

hour and then it will stop playing so

you won't have to drain your battery


this app has a kind of more independent

developer kind of feel so

you might want to check it out i think

it has some good options but these are

eight offline music apps for the iphone

right now

as i said whenever you're watching this

video which one works for you and has

the best selection

just put that in the comments so that

everyone can benefit and

see what is working right now when you

guys are watching this video

that's it for this one though thank you

for watching do subscribe if you haven't

done already

and i'll see you in the next one