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what's up guys gorilla bear Tech Becky

are you again with another product

review and guys this is basically it's

not gonna it's not gonna be like an

unboxing at all obviously it's more like

a review now this is the top lid of the

iPhone 8 plus box my new iPhone 8 that I

got now long ago about last week two

weeks ago okay I'd say about two weeks

ago actually and this is basically a

product review of the iPhone 8 plus

wired Apple earpods okay now these

honest to god guys you want my general

opinion and you want you know an answer

for me a good answer basically these are

incredible I do not think after not

listening to Wired Apple earpods or even

the wireless air pots for that matter

which I haven't actually sampled the

Apple earpods of the wireless up flare

pods I've only used these over the years

over the last four to six years I gotta

say my honest opinion freakin incredible

freakin incredible surprised me after I

haven't listened on for so long I

finally got a brand new iPhone 8 with a

pair of wired ear pods Apple earpods and

I also got this dongle thing here I

don't know if they call it a dongle I

want to consider a dongle but it's a

it's a little connector port that

belongs to the UH to the iPhone 8

because now as you can tell well this is

gonna be a first separate review guys

okay I'm gonna do a review on my iPhone

8 plus but I'm gonna review it with with

either my tablet or my old iPhone 5 just

so you guys can see what my iPhone 8

looks like right now cuz I got an

armored I police in case covering it so

he can't really tell whether it's an

iPhone 8 or iPhone 7 but it basically

looks like this at the back with a two

12 megapixel cameras and it's got the

the mic right there to the right hand

side and then after the mic it's got the

other flesh okay the crystals for the


and I got to say this is a magnificent

foam but that's gonna be a different

video guys so don't worry about this

right here this is the main attraction

for today's video

and basically the air palm their goods

the bads GG buy them separately should

you just wait till you get a brand new

iPhone my honest opinion is guys just go

ahead and wait till you get a brand new

iPhone but if like a lot of kids out

there and a lot of people if you don't

have that much money to pump out into

brand new you know blue do headphones or

any Bluetooth headphones for that matter

blue through the earbud sport buds you

know whatever they call nowadays they

all have a different name your you know

ear pods for that matter $150 freaking

ear pods now I don't know about those

because I've never tested them I may get

a pair one day but I highly doubt I'm

gonna get pair of ear pods anytime soon

almost Apple actually sends them to me

for free I don't think they're that

worth it but at the same time I may be

wrong these are worth it guys these are

incredible now this is what it looks

like the speaker now let me get into the

light guys give you a better view of

what it looks like on the inside

okay that's what the speaker grille

looks like on the inside it's got a

grille you know covering the inside to

prevent you know dust and lint and

everything but you can still get your

boogers in there or as I call it ear wax

so be careful always clean your ears

because I've been known to get a lot of

dirty ear wax into my ear buds of any

kind whether they're wired or Wireless

but hands down these are great I won't

leave the pricing in the product

description I don't on top of my head

exactly how much they cost right now cuz

it's been such a long time it's been

several years like I said but cons is

you know they're loud they are really

loud for what they are but they're not

super bass heavy they do give you a good

amount of bass but like a lot of your

buds you're not gonna get you know a ton

of bass like you would with over the ear

or with a pair of on your headphones

okay you're just not gonna get that but

they're incredible you know the only con

is it's not Wireless I wish it was wired

everything else is a pro for me it's a

go three I was gonna say 3.5 millimeter

jack no I'm wrong with the new iPhone

sevens why I would say with the 8 and 10

which is also known as iPhone X and also

the 5 and the 6 or Auto about 5 and 6

but with iPhone 8 8 plus and iPhone X

which is iPhone 10 you're gonna get this

dial plug ok it's no longer gonna be a

headphone jack it's gonna resemble a

lightning port like you have on the

bottom of your phone and that's simply

this simply plugs into the bottom of

your iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 plus and

that's it

alright this little thing right here is

for another video

but once you do get an iPhone 8 you know

iPhone 8 plus do not lose this and I'll

tell you why in the other video do not

lose this this is very essential it's

very crucial to have okay

do not lose do not I repeat do not use

this I know I said do not like 7 times

but I'm just exaggerating I said a lot

of times oh do not lose that all right

you need that attachments important and

real quick before I close out this video

very simple controls + - playing pause

right here in the center and at the back

it's your mic so it shows a mic but I

know exactly where the Michael okay I

believe it's on the side anyway guys the

mic should be located somewhere in there

or right here on top of the year but

okay you got your left and right here


bear whose resemblance to the Apple

earpods except for they're wired okay

you know Apple earpods are basically

this entire piece right here that your

bud itself but you know no string

attached nothing at the bottom is just

empty so they look kind of funny some

people actually say that kind of looks

like this uh kind of looks like you have

this Princess Leia look to you you know

your average consumer that's right your

average consumer actually mentioned that

and one of its headphone videos I don't

know exactly which one it was because

it's been such a long time since I've

seen his videos but your average

consumer if you guys know who he is he's

an awesome channel go and support him

awesome guy guys you know very

intelligent individual he's got

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I'm not trying to attract people by

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care peace out guys much love