Charge & Listen to Music on iPhone 7 w/ this Splitter Adapter

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what's up geeks peers it's me Omar from

geeks collapse calm and today I have a

sponsor of you for a splitter adapter so

for those of you that own the iPhone 7

and 7 plus this is definitely a device

or a product that you probably need to

have with you at all times and so for

those of you obviously are aware they

did take away the headphone jack on the

the iPhone 7 so because of that it does

not allow us to be able to charge our

iPhone while we listen to music with the

headphones so this adapter we have here

very reasonably priced it's only 15

bucks it's on Amazon I'll have a link

down below in the description for you

guys to check it out so this adapter

here will allow you to charge and to

listen to music at the same time so

there's no software required it's just

plug and play you basically plug into

the bottom of your iPhone and so then

that gives you two additional ports so

keep in mind you won't be able to use

the lightning headphones that came with

your iPhone you're going to have to use

the older 3.5 Jack headphones so once

you plug in the adapter right there you

can take your headphones like I have

right here so one pair of headphones and

plug that into the pot right there take

the other the Lightning port right here

plug your lightning cable onto that so

that will allow you to charge of your

device and then listen to music at the

same time so this is something you would

use if you're just by your bed listening

to music or watching videos and you want

to be little charged up at the same time

or if you have a vehicle that you that

you are using the auxilary in cable for

but you also wanna be able to target

your iPhone 7 or 7 plus you have to use

type of adapter so you can plug your aux

cable into the bottom part here plug

your lightning cable into here and plug

into like your cigarette lighter so then

you can actually charge and listen to

music on your vehicle at the same time

so really simple product not much to say

about it besides that 15 bucks very

reasonably priced one thing to keep in

mind of that this does not support

inline phone calls so if you were to get

a phone call on your phone while you're

charging it using the Apple headphones

or any other headphones with a

microphone you will not it will not take

your audio calls you cannot talk on the

phone using the microphone with this

cable when it's put into your iPhone the

other thing too is it will not allow you

to control the ID at the volume so the

volume control on your headphones up and

down for the volume that will not be

affected and now will not work with that

in there I'm not sure of any of that

because I can do that but as far as I

know this one is not able to do that and

that's pretty much it so it's pretty cut

and dry like I said if you want to be

able to charge and listen to music off

of your iPhone 7 or 7 Plus this is the

cable to check out so if you guys are

interested in this like I said I put in

a link down below a link to Amazon 15

bucks pretty cheap and that's pretty

much it if you guys have any other

questions about this product post them

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