How to Use iPhone 7 with No Headphone Jack in Your Car – Listen to Music on Aux Input

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Ok, so without a headphone jack on the iPhone 7, you might be wondering how you can continue

to listen to your music using your vehicle's auxiliary input.

It was so easy before with the universal 3.5mm jack like on this iPhone 5S and other phones

including myself.

For years I've been using the auxiliary input in my vehicle's built-in entertainment system.

But if we look at the bottom of the iPhone 7, it only has one Lightning connector and

it's causing problems for a lot of people including myself.

But all you need is an adapter cable like this which has a Lightning plug on one end

and a 3.5mm female port on the other.

In my Honda Pilot, I'll also need this 3.5mm to RCA adapter for this to work.

This is the set up we'll need to connect the iPhone to my vehicle.

Now I'll plug the Lightning connector into the phone and the RCA plugs go into the auxiliary


Now I'll switch to the Aux input on my stereo and it's good to go!

I can enjoy music from my iPhone 7 just like I did with my old phone.

The iPhone 7 actually comes with the Lightning cable adapter but if you've lost it, you'll

need an aftermarket cable like this.

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