How to Use iPhone 7 on Home Stereo Aux with No Headphone Jack - Listen to Music on a Receiver

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Because the iPhone 7 is missing a headphone jack, you might be wondering how listen to

music on your home stereo or receiver using an auxiliary input.

The 3.5mm headphone jack was so easy to use but now there is only a Lightning port on

the iPhone 7 which poses a big problem for people like you and me who want to continue

to use our phones with our favorite accessories.

But what you'll need is a Lightning to 3.5mm adapter cable like the one that came with

your phone or an aftermarket cable like this.

For home stereos and receivers, we'll also need this 3.5mm to RCA adapter.

It plugs into the end of the adapter like this and it has 2 RCA ports on the end.

Now insert the Lightning plug into the phone.

All that's left is to connect RCA patch cables to the RCA adapter and then connect the other

end into a receiver like this.

Once you have this connection, you're set to enjoy your favorite music on big speakers

at home!

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