3 Ways to Listen to Music While Charging iPhone 7

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so you want to listen to music at the

same time you charge your iPhone 7 so

first up we're will just start with the

most obvious and probably the most

logical forward thinking won't you know

method and that's essentially the use of

Bluetooth wireless headphones

essentially you could use any kind of

wireless earbuds ear headphones you know

connect to bluetooth and that's

basically the most seamless experience

because it'll just work you can buy

Bluetooth headphones of all different

kinds of variants over the ear you know

earbuds at all different kinds of price

ranges if you really get the model

that's best for you of course

Apple has their ear pods coming out

which is the official ear buds you know

for the iPhone 7 which utilized the new

w1 chip inside the iPhone 7 for improved

Bluetooth audio connectivity or you

could go for the beats solo 3 headphones

which also utilize that new chip but

pretty much for the average consumer any

old pair of bluetooth headphones will

work perfectly fine and that will

certainly give you the best experience

but again not everybody could

essentially buy bluetooth headphones

that's why these other methods will come

in handy so next up is the Apple

lightning dock basically you could buy

the Lightning dock and on the back there

is a Lightning port and a 3.5 millimeter

headphone jack so if you plug your

lightning port in there of course you

can you know plug your iPhone 7 into the

dock to charge it and then you can

basically plug the headphones into the

back and that will essentially allow you

to listen to music at the same time as

you charge your device now it's far from

ideal especially if you're you know

laying down the couch or in bed or

whatever it's just a horrible thing to

have stuck on the bottom of your phone

but I know a lot of people will already

have iPhone docks and as you can see

here it does register what the

headphones we're all set so this is

something that you might already have

laying around that you could utilize for

the time being I certainly wouldn't

recommend doing this long-term again

just because it's a pain to utilize with

that humongous dock towards the bottom

but it works and that's really what word

that's what it's come to at this point

we're just trying to find anything that

works perfectly so next up is the use of

a lightning to lightning adapter so

basically there's an adapter that Belkin

is coming out with shortly in October

that will basically plug into the bottom

of your iPhone 7 and then you could then

it gives you two additional lightning

ports so basically what you could do

there is you could plug in your 3.5

millimeter to lightning adapter into the

Lightning port and then plug your flat 5

millimeter headphones into the adapter

and of course you plug in your normal

lightning cable to charge into the

second lightning port in the adapter as

well they'll bill can adapter and

although that's again also I would say

far from ideal if you want to use you

know the current wired headphones that

you have right now while your charger

device that is probably the best option

it's certainly better than the dock

because it's not a huge heavy implement

at the bottom of your device and again

the Belkin one the number for you is

coming out in October I'll be sure to

drop the link of course in the

description so you guys could access

that and see it for yourselves and of

course by when it comes out ya guys

pretty much wraps up this video hope you

guys were able to be helped by it you

know let me know down below in the

comment section which one of these

you're gonna use and for how long and

what your final plan is anything like

that I'm personally gonna go for the

Apple earpods when they come out but

until then I think I'll just be sticking

with my dock is off awkward is awfully

awkward as that might be but again if

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