AirPods Live Listen: Hearing Aid or Spy Tool?

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hey everyone dan with MacRumors and in

this video we're going to go hands-on

with apples live listen feature with air

pods in iOS 12 the live listen feature

was actually added back in 2014 which

allowed an iPhone or iPad to serve as a

remote microphone for an MFI compatible

hearing aid in iOS 12 Apple added live

listen support for air pods essentially

turning your iOS device into a

directional microphone of sorts and

having the audio relayed back to your

ear pods so the idea behind this

accessibility feature was for people who

were hard of hearing or needed a bit of

extra help separating voices in a loud

environment with this updated feature in

iOS 12 users can get that extra help

with the use of an iOS device and a set

of air pots of course as pointed out by

the tons of people in this reddit post

there are clearly some other use cases

for people who might not be hard of

hearing but whatever your use case may

be using this feature is actually pretty

easy and here's how to do it you're

going to want to grab your iOS device

and simply head into the settings menu

and then under control center you're

gonna want to scroll down to the hearing

option and tap the green plus button to

add it to your control center if you

haven't done so already then you're

gonna want to head over to your control

center by swiping down on the top right

of the screen for newer iOS devices or

the bottom of the screen for those who

have maybe something like an iPhone 8 or

older next you're gonna want to select

the newly added hearing icon which

should have an image of an ear on it and

then tap on live listen obviously you

will need to have your air pods

connected and probably in your ears but

be warned that the live listen feature

can be a bit jarring at first and

extremely loud depending on your current

environment other than that that's

really it now you have the ability to

amplify conversations and sound around

you let us know what you think of this

feature and how you're planning on using

live listen in the comment section down

below this is mundane with MacRumors

thanks for watching and I will see you

in the next one