Tips and Tricks for Getting the Most Out of Your AirPods

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the air pods have undoubtedly been one

of my favorite Apple products released

in the last few years and as I sit here

impatiently waiting and dreaming about

what the second version might be like I

thought it would be a good idea to show

you how to get the most out of your

current air pods so in this video I'm

gonna show you some things you may or

may not know about your air pods and

we're gonna start things off with the

ability to customize the tap

functionality assuming your air pods are

connected to your iOS device head over

to the Settings app select Bluetooth and

then click the I button next to your ear

pods name from here you will see a

section called double tap on air pod and

you can customize both the left ear or

right ear to perform a specific function

like activate Siri play pause go to the

next track or previous track or turn the

tap function off entirely

since I have automatic ear detection on

play pause would be kind of a wasted

function so I have the right set up for

the next track and the left ear pod is

set up for Siri many of you probably

know that one of the best things about

the air pods is dw1 chip which allows

for super easy pairing and will

automatically sync your air pods to any

of your iOS devices via iCloud if you

would like to quickly pair to any iOS


pull up your control center tap on the

two lines in the right corner of the

audio tile and select your air pods if

you want to quickly pair to an Apple TV

you can do so by holding down the play

pause button on the remote control on

the main Apple TV screen this will bring

up an interface that will let you select

your audio source and just like on your

iOS device select air pods to establish

a connection finally if you want to

quickly connect to your Apple watch

swipe up from the bottom to bring up

your control center tap on the airplay

icon located at the very bottom and

select your air pods now if you have a

non Apple device but still want to use

air pods with that device you can pair

them as you would a normal pair of

bluetooth headphones by opening the lid

and with the air pods inside the case

press and hold the button on the back of

the case until you see a white flashing

light open up the Bluetooth settings

menu on the device you wish to pair them

with and select the air pods another

useful trick is to have your calls

announced while wearing your air pods so

that you don't actually have to take

your phone out of your pocket to see

who's calling you to activate head over

to your set

app scroll down to phone select announce

calls from here you can choose always

headphones and car headphones only or


note that this actually works with any

headphones and not just air pods if you

want to quickly check how much battery

life you have left and either your air

pods the charging case or both swipe

over to your widgets panel select edit

and add the batteries widget if you have

yet to do so from here you will see the

remaining battery percentage for all of

your connected devices including your

air pods and charging case finally if

you lose your air pods you can use a

dedicated find my air Potts feature

that's located inside the Find My iPhone

app this feature is useful if you can't

find your air pods and want to know if

they are even at your house or if you

happen to have left them at work the gym

etc so this has been a quick refresher

of some of the more useful features or

settings that you may or may not have

already known about when you use your

air pots let us know if you plan to

upgrade to the new air pods too that are

hopefully coming out sometime this year

in the comments section down below this

has been Dan with MacRumors

thanks for watching and i'll see you in

the next one