AirPods with iOS 12! (How to use Live Listen!)

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hey everybody welcome to my short video

about how to use live listen in iOS 12

with your ear pods in this video I'm

going to show you how to setup and use a

new live listen feature I talked about

in my other video earpods with iOS 12

check out that video if you're not sure

what live listen is or the benefits it

offers live listen is very simple to use

and I found it to be really handy for

late night TV viewing in situations

where you don't want to disturb other

people sleeping in the house and the

best part no special equipment just put

your iPhone beside the TV speakers so

you can keep the TV volume low and then

turn up the volume on your ear pods so

you can hear it nice and loud to use

live listen you'll need to add it to

control center on your iPhone so first

go to settings and then tap control

center then in the control center menu

tap customize controls now scroll down

and locate the blue icon with an ear on

it labeled hearing once located press

the green plus to the left to add it to

your control center

feel free to rearrange the items in your

control center at the top of the screen

by pressing and holding the lines on the

right to move the items up or down the

list this corresponds to how they are

presented in control center starting top

left moving left to right now that live

listen has been added to control center

we can go use it open control center by

swiping down from the top right on your

iPhone 10 or swiping up from the bottom

on all other iPhones first make sure

your ear pods are active and connected

you can connect them by tapping the two

rounded lines in the upper right corner

of the music section and then selecting

your air pods once selected you can go

back to the main control center window

and now tap the ear icon to activate

live listen once it live listen screen

comes up just tap off to turn it on to

turn it off just tap on a cool thing to

know if you have an Apple watch you can

still adjust the air pause volume using

the now playing app very handy when

commercials come on the TV viewing I use

it for well everybody that was how to

add and use a new live listen feature in

iOS 12 to use with your ear pods why

have you used the iOS 12 public beta for

this video so it is possible this could

change before the final version release

this fault if it does change I'll be

sure to do a follow-up video outlining

changes so what do you think about live


feel free to share your thoughts in the

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