Use Live Listen to spy on people WITHOUT Airpods !

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so guys let me do a recent video where I

showed you how you can use your air pods

to potentially spy on your friends and

family of course it was for educational

purposes only but a lot of you had to go

out and just ruin it for us all and I

just want to make a follow-up video

because there are a lot of comments and

questions and concerns and just overall

statements that I want to address so the

biggest comment is that people said that

this is this does not work with just air

pods it works with any Bluetooth device

but then other people stated that it

didn't work with their particular

Bluetooth device so what I'm gonna do I

have a pair of Bose qc3 fives it's a

great noise cancelling pair of

headphones this should in theory work

even better than the air pods just

because the sound should be louder the

noise isolation should just be obviously

better and then I have a pair of j-bird

X twos they're actually a few years old

so I just want to test like an older

technology to see if this works as well

people are saying this works some people

are saying it doesn't work with their

non air pod devices so I just want to

put that to the test and then there's

some other comments out there basically

just stating that this doesn't work with

just iPhone tens and that is true I

think I've mentioned it in the video but

people were triggered that I put I phone

10 the title I just did that because

just because this will work with any

iPhone or iOS device that is iOS 12 X X

or above so this should work on your

iPhone your iPad anything like that

okay guys I'm editing my video and I

just realized that I forgot to show you

how to set up set this up I did in my

previous video but if you have not

watched it or you don't have air pods

you probably don't care but if you have

other Bluetooth devices

I'll show you so all you gonna do is go

into settings right here and you want to

click control center and customize

controls and you just want to make sure

hearing is selected so basically I'm

gonna remove it just to demonstrate if

you haven't added it it's down here so

it's up there now you have hearing in

your control center

so basically after you connect your

Bluetooth device that supposedly will

work you just tap that and then you can

see right there it says Jeremy's earpods

so that's the mislead Ian thing like you

think air pods are required but it's not

so if we turn on headphones you can see

it says live listen on now and then you

just tap off to on oops

so now it's on so now now when I talk

you can see the little dots right there

so that basically means that it's

working and JJ is my assistant he is

verifying the head there definitely a

sound coming out of the speakers you can

probably hear that and it's probably

like making them go a little bit crazy

right now he's like wondering what's

going on yeah he can hear it he can

definitely hear the sound coming out of

those headphones all right so back to

the video so yeah let's just get started

let's test out let's try the older pair

of headphones first okay we got jaybird

X twos glad these still work they've

been in my car glovebox for over a year

okay so it's just verified that they

actually work so let's go to the ear

yeah it works

I can definitely verify that can you

hear this can you hear this yep that

works the only thing quality for

whatever reason is really bad I don't

know I'm not sure what's going on okay

so now I've listens off yeah I don't

hear anymore

so let's turn it on there we go whoa I

can really hear that like that's really

loud whoa yeah so that works really good

I can hear myself perfectly I can't talk

y'all are picking on me in the preview

video because when I try to talk with

this song is so hard to concentrate it's

like a slight delay and it just drives

you crazy like try this out and try to

talk without going crazy so let's for

the heck of it try it out with this this

is just a Bluetooth speaker okay so the

speaker is connected hello whoa okay so

it's working through this - hello hello

hello hello hello so yeah it even works

for this so it's really interesting that

a lot of people commented that it didn't

work with their Bluetooth device put all

of my Bluetooth devices that I have

around me do seem to work if it doesn't

work for you all I can say is restart

your iPhone make sure in the make sure

you're on the most up-to-date iOS device

if none of that works I really don't

want to tell you you're just gonna have

to get a pair of earbuds alright guys if

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alright guys have a great day see you

later bye