How-To: Alexa Calling, Messaging & Drop-In on Amazon Echo

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hey everybody its Jody Gans again this

is smarter own life you know now that

all of the various communications

features are available for Amazon's echo

devices I thought it would be good to

put together a new how-to video showing

all of them together

calling messaging and the drop in or

intercom feature that just debuted with

the echo show now it's really hard to do

these demos without mentioning Lady a so

please mute your devices and well you've

been warned

now for the most part all of these

features work with the various echo

devices not the Amazon tap they do for

the most part work with the Alexa app

and speaking of that you don't even need

an echo to communicate with someone who

has one or you can just communicate from

the Alexa app to Alexa app you just need

a free Amazon account run through the

quick one-time setup process that'll

match your phone number with your phone

books contacts now saying that you may

not want to be contacted you know at

home on your echo device by everyone in

your phonebook who might also have an

echo device so you can use a different

phone number like a Google Voice number

you can do call blocking per individual

contact you can also do do not disturb

on your individual echo devices now

there are some fun quarks with all of

these communications features I found

this out with my BFF and Alexa calling

pal Alison Sheridan on the first video

on this topic back in May but of course

after that I discovered also that you

can call yourself and message yourself

which didn't make sense at the time but

now that all of the features are out it

really does so with that in mind here's

Alexa calling


computer answer did you forget something

at the store again yeah do we have any

of those sliced bell pepper rings we

last time I checked this was my place

isn't there like an app to like check

the fridge or something fine whatever

yes there's plenty of your precious


so that's Alexa calling now of course

what goes great with calling messaging

and there's two ways to do this with

Alexa either text to speech or speech to

text so with the first option you can go

into the Alexa app and tap on one of the

contacts and simply hit the keyboard

icon type out we'll just type out a

message and hit Send and you'll get an

audio notification sound and a yellow

message waiting light that'll just flash

until you pick it up and because it's

text-to-speech it'll be in her voice

computer play message and there we get

receive just now it'll give you the time

and so forth so and then you can

obviously always see the history of the

messages in the app so the other way of

course is you can dictate a message and

you can do that simply if I get rid of

the keyboard let's it's not a perfect

solution you'll get a blue microphone at

the bottom and you can normally hold

that down to dictate a message and it'll

transcribe it through the app or you can

do it of course through your echo device

computer send a message to Joe just a

simple message

and you'll get that notification sound

again it will transcribe it it's already

done it you can play it through the app

where you can play back by simply saying

computer play message and it'll be in

your own voice and there we go now

realize also that realize also that this

is not a full voicemail system you don't

get a prompt if you try to call someone

and they don't answer to leave them a

voice message Amazon please work on that

and also there's no privacy there's no

voice print identification there are no

pin codes so anyone who can talk to your

echo device at home can get your

messages so this could be a problem for

you know multi person households who

have got the various multiple Amazon

accounts linked in to your to your echo

device for for all the echo devices in

your home so you know use with caution

the last feature is dropping the

intercom like feature that debuted

recently with the echo show but is also

available to all existing echo devices

now now I would say to use this feature

with a little bit of caution it is opted

in so it's not turned on by default but

if you do turn it on for specific

contacts it will allow them to hear

and/or see with the echo show what's

going on in your home without any

additional intervention or approval from

you at the time that they drop in so it

of course can be useful for checking in

on friends family members people that

you may need to kind of look in on from

time to time and of course it does make

a great intercom feature if you have

multiple echo devices in your home and

unlike the calling feature it does allow

you to drop in on specific echo devices

alexa drop in on the kitchen

hey what are you doing in there oh it's

you again oh you know not a whole lot

just making some fajitas what are you

doing answering viewer eat mate wait


fajitas with my bell peppers that was my


not anymore computer hang up rude again

all of these features work across the

various echo devices and the Alexa app

with the exception that the Alexa app

can't be dropped in on but you can drop

in from the Alexa app and taken as a

whole they're not quite they don't quite

add up to a full telephony or VoIP

system as we would think of it they're

about 60 to 70 percent of the way there

there's no call waiting there is no

obviously no voicemail prompt there's no

way to transfer a call from echo to echo

or to the Alexa app or to call actual

phone numbers like Google home has

promised that they're gonna do but

overall to get all this communications

stuff and intercom and calling and all

that stuff for free for devices that you

may probably already own is pretty darn

cool and that's the end of the little

wrap-up and how-to episode it takes a

lot of time hard work and of course

money to make the content for smarter

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otherwise I'm John degan zyk thanks for

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