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hello and welcome once again to my

youtube channel in this last few days my

phone has been flooded with messages

like hey check this awesome track out

this is a B audio or this is ninety

audio or twenty four D audio so I've

decided to use my quarantine time to

break down what eight D tracks are

musically speaking and how you can make

your own ad audio tracks claimed to be a

new way of perceiving music a new way of

listening to music basically the source

of the audio seemed to be moving around

the room while you're listening to it

some people love it some people don't

I personally find it tedious do you like

how ad tracks sound let me know in the

comments but what is that

is this a new way of perceiving music is

it just a music effect is the name

appropriate is it some dolby atmos stuff

will answer to all these questions right





is an impropriety definitely not our

world is three-dimensional science and

physics have only barely brought their

head around the fourth dimension there

is no such thing as a dimension in our

existence in our world or anything that

surrounds us let alone music


so what actually is an 8 D track an 8 D

track is just a normal track maybe with

some separation between highs and lows

or maybe with some separation between

instrumental and vocals where the source

or the two sources of the audio seem to

be rotating around so if you listen with

your headphones and with your headphones

only the feeling you have is not only

you are listening with your ears but

also with your brain I don't know how

much to describe it it's really hard to

describe it but what you hear creates

the illusion of sound floating from left

to right from front to back

etc so how do we create an 8 B track so

I've created a new track on my door

which is Logic Pro X this would be the

bass guitar

to this we will add the drums today

asleep add some add texture and finally

some guitar

so this will be how it sounds all



I also recorded some vocals from the

purpose and they sound like this

I'll be searching for you at the end of

a coffee cup and I search for the moon

at the end of the night

it's so the whole mix without any

special effect whatsoever sounds like

this I'm searching for you and I search

for the moon at the end of the night

that's it so how do we turn this simple

track into an ad track in order to make

any do you have to give direction and

add realness dreamless so how do we

create direction we can use one of two

options option one would be hard panic

you basically use this knob right here

to go from left to right but that just

means that the sound goes from left to

right it doesn't mean that it's gonna

create the illusion of the source of the

audio going from left to right so it

would sound like this


and as you can see the result is not

quite like the one we were hearing in

YouTube videos or Spotify so how do we

improve this there is this tool here in

Logic Pro that is called Direction X so

if you open this up I will create a new

one and a new look and you'll see why

later I will create a new one and here

we have there's Direction mix so if we

rotate this knob right here see what



you know all the way to minus one to be

the leader in the cell - come back


how do we make the left-right left-right

effect happen with automations I have

this direction mix plug-in right here

and automations are already created for

this so we just said that knob and here

we are so we go from minus 1 or 2

degrees angle we go up we go really

awesome steep right here because we

don't want we don't want to just stay on

the 0 too much because that's where

normality is so we go higher and higher

and higher up to what plus 108 and then

down again and then up again so I'm

satisfied with my automation and the

result is something like this


what we're gonna do now is do the same

things for me bogles so we enabled our

plugin which is directions we enable it

we get up go to automations see that

knob and here's the automation I've

created so as you can see it's not a

perfect match with the other one I've

created so the peaks are not matching so

that the two tracks are not completely

one on top of the other but they are

shifting from left to right

independently so just a vocal will be

like this I'll be searching for you with

the end of a coffee cup and I search for

the moon at the end of the nights now

I'm having no clue and I'm hoping for

better luck I'll be waiting for you to

come and shed some light

if we listen to both of them together we

end up with something like this and I

search for the moon at the end of

now having no clue and I'm hoping for

better luck I'll be waiting for you to

come and shed some light

so step one is done we either be

automations for the direction mix now

what we're gonna do is to add Jesus if

you've been listening for the last days

to ad tracks like I know you have you

might have noticed that the tracks some

more dreamy they sound more anime how

can we do that on Logic Pro in order to

do that you need to add reverb what is

river river is that effect that is

produced where sound waves bounce off

these surfaces of space if you go to any

huge space you will notice that when you

speak the sound of your voice will

produce a tail at the end of it that is

reverb but that is much easier to listen

to rather than to describe it so let's

go ahead and create a new track in my

dog audio track so now you hear my voice

maybe not completely dry because I'm in

a room myself so we go ahead and select

our reverb plug-in my favorite one is

this space designer so my husband has

said that this now we can select our

space small space medium space or large

let's do some more extreme stuff but

that is not the case so let's go for a

small I mean this light chamber so now

the effect that you'll hear in my voice

is a simulation of what my voice would

sound in a small room let's go ahead and

select a medium space maybe maybe an

entire room and that is again

a different defense because the space

that Napoleon's annuity is bigger in

order to show how extreme we can go

let's go ahead and select a large space

outdoor space and let's go for canyons

now this is how my boss will sound as if

I was speaking in India so as you can

hear the reverb is affected by the size

of the space by the surface if it's

smooth if it's not if it's wood if it's

tile if it's concrete and so on and so

forth so in order to make this dream

enough we have to go for a really huge

space and possibly a longtail so the dry

one would sound like this and the

reverberating one would sound like this

if it doesn't sound good enough for you

you can go ahead and manipulate the size

of the room the spread of the reverb

onto high frequencies and low

frequencies how upfront you wonder we

verb to be in the mix by increasing or

decreasing the wet no no no I'm like the

slider and also with the length of the

reverb right here a good idea would also

be to apply different kinds of reverb to

the vocals and to the instrumental track

or to the high-end and low-end you can

experiment with that when we add up our

on Direction automations and reverb this

is how it all sounds



so this is it it takes a couple effects

to create an ad track it's nothing fancy

it's nothing magical and it's nothing

spectacular if you have any other

suggestion or any other effects that you

apply or than you would apply to your 80

track please let me know in the comments