How to PERFECTLY Hear the Voice of the Holy Spirit

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if you want to have a deeper closer

relationship with Jesus Christ through

the power of the Holy Spirit in this

video I'm gonna show you four very

simple steps on how you can hear the

voice of the Holy Spirit perfectly

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miss a beat okay so one of the things

that I have figured out since I've been

on this journey of being a Christian is

people overcomplicate the power and the

work of the Holy Spirit in their lives

people will say you got a Terry for the

Holy Spirit you have to speak in tongues

in order to have some experience with

all the spirit we're gonna keep it very

simple in this video I'm gonna give you

four simple steps on how you can

perfectly hear the voice of the Holy

Spirit crystal-clear

in your life step number one is to

receive now what I mean by that is

whenever you and I become Christians our

spirit is completely empty as a matter

of fact actually what's in our spirit is

human wisdom I want you to notice here

that in 1st Corinthians chapter 2 Paul

distinguishes between worldly wisdom and

the wisdom that comes from the Holy

Spirit notice it says here we do however

speak a message of wisdom among the

mature but not the wisdom of this age or

of the rulers of this age who are coming

to nothing know we declare God's wisdom

a mystery that has been hidden and that

God destined for our glory before time

began so once again we see or very

clearly that Paul is distinguishing

between the worldly wisdom in terms of

the way the world operates and the way

the world thinks and the way they

process things and the way they make

decisions and the value that the world

places on things with this spiritual

wisdom that can only come from the Holy

Spirit and God wants you your

responsibility my responsibility is to

make regular

consistent deposits in our spirit so

that we think the thoughts of God rather

than the thoughts of this world now how

do we do that we do that through

listening to the Word of God through

audio Bible through going to church

Bible studies hearing good sermons Bible

based sermons listening to podcasts

reading Christian books basically any

way that you can get God's wisdom into

your spirit what you're doing is you're

making deposits into your spirit for

future withdrawals which I'm gonna

explain in the next couple of steps now

the second step that we need to do after

we've received the Word of God is that

we need to reflect on the Word of God

and this just simply means to start

thinking about you know what how does

this apply to my life what does God want

me to do as you chew on it as you

marinate as you think about it you want

to start reflecting on how God wants you

to apply this and live this out in your

daily life the more you and I reflect on

the Word of God that we've already

received into our spirit the deeper that

word of God gets into our spirit which

then leads to the third step which is to

recall now this is the step that is

completely and totally dependent on the

Holy Spirit and what basically happens

is this John chapter 14 verse 26 says

but the Advocate the Holy Spirit whom

the father will send in my name will

teach you all things and here it is and

will remind you of everything I have

said to you now what a key in on that

word remind basically that implies that

there's got to be something that's

already been received or has been

deposited in your spirit so that the

Holy Spirit can bring it back to the

front of your mind

thus reminding you of something that you

have already previously deposited into

your spirit now how does this work as I

know you're really confused probably

like what's he talking about okay let's

just say that you are having an argument

with your spouse or your children or

your friends or whatever and you are

about to go off on them what happens is

if you have previously read proverbs

15:1 which says a soft answer turns away

wrath the Holy Spirit will then bring

scripture that you put in your spirit a

long time ago and he will bring that up

to your remembrance so that you will now

have God's wisdom and God's perspective

into your life rather than just human

wisdom which says I need to go off upon

this person or let's say you're in a

heated conversation right and you're

really tempted to give this person a

piece of your mind

but then the Holy Spirit brings back to

your remembrance Ephesians chapter 4

verse 29 which says do not let any

unwholesome word proceed from your mouth

but only that which is helpful in

building one another up according to the

need of the moment I'll see how did I

memorize that scripture from reading it

again and again and again and so that's

just in my spirit and so what happened

is when I'm tempted to do something or

say something in an ungodly way the Holy

Spirit first and foremost looks into my

spirit and sees what I've deposited into

my spirit lately and then he pulls that

spirit up assuming he pulls that

scripture up from my spirit so that he

can remind me of that so that I make a

different decision or let's say that I'm

really tempted to go to a particular

website and look at something that I

know that I shouldn't be looking at

right before I'm tempted to press that

button the Holy Spirit will then ring

back to my remembrance Matthew chapter

five which says I know that you've heard

that you should not commit adultery but

now I say to you that if you even look

upon a woman that lust after her you've

already committed adultery in your heart

he says if your right eye offends you

need to pluck it out for it is better

for you to lose one part of your body

than for your whole body to throw it be

thrown into hell and vice versa with

your right hand what is he saying it's

not saying pluck out your eye and and

and cut off your hand he's saying you

need to take some extreme measures to

ensure that lust does not take over in

your life and there are so many other

examples of this let's say you want to

get revenge against somebody somebody

got on your last nerve and you want to

get back at them well the Holy Spirit

will bring back Romans chapter 12 verse

17 through 21 which says do not repay

evil for evil for vengeance is mine I

will repay thus says the Lord he says

you need to leave room for the wrath of

God he says you need to do good things

to people who do evil to you right and

so whenever you're tempted to do these

this is how the Holy Spirit works and

this is how you can hear perfectly and

clearly from the Holy Spirit he will

then bring back and help you recall the

things that you have first received into

your spirit second of all you've

reflected on those things so they're

deeply embedded in your spirit and now

he's bringing them back to your

remembrance but not only will God the

Holy Spirit bring back certain


he'll also bring back certain principles

in the Word of God certain stories that

you've read before for instance let's

say you are tempted sexually to do

something that you should not do with a

member of the opposite sex or even the

same sex for that matter right God will

bring back the story of David and

Bathsheba and he'll show you all the

things that happened that were negative

in David's life after he made the

decision to sin sexually with Bathsheba

he'll remind you of these things and

then you'll say wait a second if this is

how David's life turned out then I need

to go in a different direction to make

sure that my life doesn't turn out in

the same way now after you've received

the Word of God into your spirit and

after you've reflected on the Word of

God and then the Holy Spirit helps you

recall the Word of God the last step is

that you now need to respond to what the

Holy Spirit has revealed in your life

notice it says here in Hebrews chapter 3

it says here so as the Holy Spirit says

today if you hear his voice do not

harden your heart so he's saying don't

don't waste time don't send me get to it

tomorrow don't say I obey God next week

he says today today whenever you hear

the voice of the Holy Spirit don't let

your heart get hardened into thinking

that you know what I can go ahead and do

this thing that I want to do and there

will be no consequences he says as you

did in the rebellion during the time of

testing in the wilderness now you got to

understand the context here the writer

of Hebrews is writing to a group of

Hebrews who are tempted to leave Jesus

Christ and go back to their their their

Hebrew other Jewish lineage and reject

Christianity altogether and what he's

trying to explain to them is look at

what happened in the Old Testament where

the Hebrews rejected God's plan under

leadership of Moses and they complained

in the wilderness they were rebelling

against God and he said look at what

happened to them they missed out on

being able to

experience the blessing of the promised

land and so he says don't you make sure

that you don't miss out on that as well

now let's say it goes on in verse nine

where your ancestors tested and tried me

though for 40 years they saw what I did

so he says don't test God don't try him

whenever you hear God's voice clearly

make sure you respond why because it

says here in verse 11

so I declared on oath in my anger they

shall never enter my rest meaning that

generation of Hebrews in the Old

Testament did not get blessed to be able

to experience the promised land they

miss out on some things that God had

intended for them to have and God is

saying the same thing to you and I today

whenever we receive the Word of God when

every reflect on the Word of God

whenever the Holy Spirit helps us recall

the Word of God if we don't respond

appropriately to what we have learned

and what we've we've received and we

recall from the Spirit of God we will

not receive the blessings that God has

on our lives so my friend I hope that

this makes it very clear for you in

terms of how you can hear the voice of

the Holy Spirit speaking perfectly

crystal clear to you in your life if you

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