Google Has Been Recording Your Voice

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Ok, Google, is it legal to record a private conversation in the United States?

"According to Wikipedia, states that currently require that all parties

consent to the recording include: California, Connecticut, Florida, Hawaii,

Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania

and Washington.

What's up guys, Lew here, back with another video.

This one is a bonus clip for today.

I got a phone call from Ryan, he said: "Dude, you have to make this video, because apparently very few people,

including myself, know about the behavior of their phones."

Mostly on Android phones.

Essentially, what's going on here is that

there are circumstances in which your phone is recording your voice and your

conversations potentially without you knowing it.


Launch into your browser and simply open up "".

This is stuff you'd expect to see, like history for your searches, history for

location data and all that goodness,

but the new one, an emerging one, is the voice related history.

Over here on the left-hand side "Voice and audio activity" and as you can see here,

there's all these different events that have been recorded.

Now in some cases,

it's working completely as you would expect, as it's meant to function, where it's

creating a record for a search that you've done with voice.

To help with future recognition of my voice, on my device... But since you've got hot words,

things to trigger Google itself and the audio portion of it, like "Ok Google"...

You might have recordings like I have here that - I didn't... What is...

"What I'm saying, is it like-"

"Water fountain on in the backyard" "Yeah, ..."

I don't remember triggering those events!

I've gone through my various accounts now, and I'm finding these weird

conversations I can't even recall that are recorded here historically.


I don't know, it makes you feel a little weird...!

If you, like me, might be partially

creeped out and want to remove some of the things that you've said that may

have been recorded,

you can head over to history... What'd I say, "".

What is a hundred years of this look like, I don't know. There you have it,

go check for yourself.

Let me know in the comments what you've been saying that Google's been recording.

You don't need anything, he's just enjoying these goddamn french fries that

you're enjoying too...

...Why am I getting more quiet... and higher pitched...