How to Put Music on ANY Android Phone/Tablet (EASY METHOD) 2018

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alright guys what kind of tips with

splits I'm gonna show you guys how to

put music on your Android device this

works with even android tablets and yeah

the good thing about is that you don't

have to download no software like iTunes

so it's so you have to download anything

so what you want to do is you want to

plug in your phone to your computer

which I'm doing right now

alright so I connected it and it should

pop up that I plugged it in so from here

so I'm going to show you guys the most

common mistake people do is this so when

you go to your files and then you go to

your PC you guys can see that your phone

your phone should be here and it's not

so this is the most common error a lot

of people get this is that they can't

find their phone so when you plug it in

to your computer look at your phone and

if you guys go to your notifications you

I can see that's under this is for me

says USB for charging so it my

computer's only charged my phone so if

you actually click that it brings up

this thing and it says that I can either

like do all these all this stuff like

tethering whatever the hell that means

and all this so I'm gonna pick file

transfers it may not yours may not look

like this but pick the one that says

file transfers or like transfer media

files to a computer that's the one you

want so once you have that you want to

click that and then accept it and I can

see when I did that it my computer

automatically recognized that it yeah I

can see here it's an HTC which I'm using

for my example so just click that and

then internal storage and you guys will

see a bunch of folders if you go to the

music if you go if you guys go to the

music folder

it's all f alpha better alphabetical I

came and freakin pronounce that word but

it's right here the music if you guys

don't have this music folder for some

reason just right-click and then new

folder and you can just name it music

and then once you're here you just want

to double double click it and so here's

my music that I want that I'm gonna put

so I have to do is click and drag eyes

and boom it's automatically there so now

that's all my android device I'm gonna

show you guys all my phone that this

song is now on my phone so let's check

it out alright guys so I'm going to show

you guys the song that I put on my phone

so I'm going to search up the music app

so here it is so you guys can see if I

go to songs it's right there and if I

play it for you guys it's gonna play the

song so another guy can do that

and it's so windy out here so that's it

guys that's how you put music on your

Android device hope this guys helped you

guys out and yeah thanks for watching