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in our first impressions for the pixel 2

I remarked at how much better the

headphone dongle worked over other audio

dongles and many folks in our comments

seemed to think that was us acting like

fanboys apologizing for Google where

we'd criticized Apple in the past I'm

not sure how much clearer I could have

been in that video when I said quote I

hate dongles

but apparently that still wasn't clear


regardless spending a weekend with

Google's second-generation consumer

flagship and we're ready to report on

the overall audio quality of the phone

Apple II a lot has improved here's our

Google pixel 2 real audio review brought

to you by D brand starting off with the

speakers while the pixel 2 still has

sizable forehead and chin bezels at

least that area is put to better use a

somewhat Xperia like form-factor

front-facing speakers are always a nice

touch for videos and games very

competitive against similar stereo

solutions and easily besting all of the

mono speaker phones we've reviewed this



switching to the headphone game this is

a bit more nuanced the first pixel was a

poor performer last year circling the

drain alongside the LG g5 this year

Google could not be trying to emulate

Apple more if they tried even down to

dongle performance which is nearly

identical to the Jack supplied with the

iPhone seven and eight

that means while cable connections are

less convenient for keeping track of

this thing audio quality is

significantly better than last year's

pixel that also means that many quality

metrics are neck-and-neck with the

Galaxy S 8 and Note 8 this year the

major trade-off Samsung phones will

properly output the full frequency range

of 32 bit 192 kogo files where the

iPhones and pixel are closer to CD

quality but the amp on Samsung phones is

slightly weaker than those dongles aside

from its inability to reproduce

frequencies of sound that dogs cannot

hear the pixel 2 is a much more

competitive performer against this

year's flagships of course - the V 30

which handily stomps all over every

other phone released in 2017 a little

explanation of my comments from our

first impressions video is in order why

I am happier with this dongle well it

actually has very little to do with the

dongle I'm happy to see Google implement

a real universal solution that other

manufacturers can build products for HTC

and Motorola have proprietary dongles

sure they use USB C ports but only work

on HTC or Motorola phones

I cannot plug HTC's excellent earbuds

into anything else other than an HTC


by contrast Google's dongle worked on my

laptop's Thunderbolt port and my LG v 30

Google's dongle not only worked on an

HTC u 11 but delivered significantly

better results than HTC's dongle so what

does this mean for the future of

consumer audio well why should we rely

on phone manufacturers to build good

I do Hardware not all phono jacks are

created equal right so if we consumers

invested in a really good pair of cabled

USBC headphones we're a well-respected

audio manufacturer was responsible for

tuning the hardware like Sennheiser

Audio Technica

B&O bearer dynamic Sony etc then it

would not matter what phone or computer

we owned we would always have extremely

high quality audio playing from

entry-level and mid-range fare all the

way up to $1,000 Samsung your headphone

purchase would last for as long as USB C

ports are still around ultimately yeah

it is frustrating that this audio

hardware isn't just built into the phone

there's nothing special about this form

factor which would have precluded

including a jack so I still question the

motives in removing it I still feel that

it's more a ploy to improve accessory

sales at the time of the phone purchase

more than it could be for any announced

consumer benefit but if we are going to

remove the 3.5 millimeter jack at least

now we have a real path for audio

manufacturers to follow a do that the

included support for high quality

Bluetooth codecs and that's a best of

both world situation better wireless

quality for the convenience factor and

for folks who still care about the

advantages of cabled connections options

for the audio files to Google has been

promising better USB audio support since

Ice Cream Sandwich

so we're long overdue actually getting

it the pixel 2 isn't special on its own

but for audio fans we finally have some

hope for a universally supported future

and when you're out there bumpin those

hot jams on your hot new Google phone

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