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- [Man] Will I ever get married?

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- [Man] How can I focus on God while dating?

Why do I feel so alone?

- [Woman] Are looks really that important?

Is sex really such a big deal?

You may have a lot of questions about your walk with God,

so let's talk about it.

- Hello, and welcome to another L'amour in Christ topic.

I'm Kytia L'amour, and in this video,

we're talking about, how do I get to know

God's voice more clearly?

God says that His sheep know His voice,

but have you struggled with discerning His voice

versus the enemy's voice versus just your inner dialogue?

If you have, this video is for you.

Not that I am an expert,

and not that everyone hears God's voice the same way,

but I want to talk about how I got to know

God's voice more clearly,

what steps did I use, how long did it take,

and just give you some clarity on getting started with that.

So, I posted on Instagram about how I've,

over time, learned to hear God's voice

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very quickly, so that I can obey

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very quickly, as well, and I asked you guys,

"Would you wanna know more about that topic?"

And you said "Yes, I would love

"to know more about that topic,"

so that is why I am here today.

This is all for you.

So, let's go back to, rewind, to when I was in my early 20s.

I remember being in a small group.

A small group is basically, when you go to church,

there are smaller Bible studies

where you will meet with five or six other people,

and you guys will discuss the topic from church,

or something that's been on your heart.

So, I had a small group of women,

and it was about six or seven of us, and one of the girls,

it seemed like she was hearing from God left and right.

She was like, "Yeah, God told me

"to invite this person to church, and then they got saved.

"God told me to call this person,

"so I called them, God told me this."

And I was like, "God is not telling me anything

"where I know, oh, God said that right now."

I would know what I was supposed to do,

what I wasn't supposed to do, in regards to the Word,

but as far as Him telling me directions for my life,

I was like, "How do you get there?

"Is she just more holy than me?

"What is going on?"

So, it took me time, first of all,

to stop comparing myself, because I thought

you're supposed to hear an audible voice,

and it's supposed to be like, "Go that way" or something,

but not everything is an audible voice

or specific instructions.

Sometimes things are discernment or wisdom.

Basically, discernment, to me, means that

you are able to tell, or have a spiritual sense,

of something that's going to happen,

something that you're supposed to be doing soon,

something that you should avoid,

or even, you meet someone for the first time

and you're like, "Why don't I like you?"

Or you meet someone, and you're like,

"Why are we best friends?"

This is amazing.

I feel like there's something about you.

It's like a spiritual feeling.

So, for me, that's how God has worked in my life.

I can remember back to being in high school,

and the phone would ring and I would know who it was,

and I would be like, "Oh, my dad's calling me,"

or usually, it was if someone was close to me

and they were calling, I could tell.

Or my cellphone, nowadays, sometimes my cellphone rings,

and before I see it, I'm like, "Oh, my mom's calling me."

Yeah, that's God.

It has to be God.

Being in tune with someone like that.

Instead of looking at things like "Oh, it's a coincidence.

"Oh, it's a feeling.

"Oh, déjà vu."

I was like, "There's gotta be something to this.

"This must be a spiritual gift,

"cause some people do have the gift of prophecy,

"teaching, or evangelizing, or healing."

Some people do just walk stronger in certain gifts

because God wants us to walk together.

He wants us to, as a unified body in Christ,

use each other and be on one accord where,

you're the hand, I'm the foot, he's the neck, whatever.

We should be all working for a common goal,

but if God gave everybody all the gifts,

we wouldn't need anybody.

We wouldn't.

So, I think for me, even in my marriage,

there's certain things where

I will have discernment about it.

Like, "Oh, this person wants to work with my husband,"

and I'm like, "Um, I prayed about it and God said no."

I may not know all the reasons why,

and that's taken awhile to build that trust,

where, through time and time again,

this has happened, and whether he listened or not,

over time, we were able to see,

"Oh, God was trying to avoid this,"

or, "God definitely told us to be here today,"

or something like that.

You feel stronger in your faith about,

"Hey, we're hearing from the Lord."

So, one thing that I started doing in the beginning,

obviously, it had a lot to do with knowing the Word.

If you're not reading the Bible every single day

and memorizing scriptures

and making sure you're applying it to your life,

it's not going to sink in,

it's not going to become a part of you,

because even in the Word, it says, "The Word is living."

It is something that, when you read it, it's affecting you,

the Holy Spirit inside of you.

It's teaching you things and helping you to apply it

to your life, and to know what you

should and shouldn't be doing,

and how to clarify, "What does this scripture mean?

"Is this even pertinent today in modern times?"

Some things, you have to be studying the Bible,

and making sure that you're praying,

and even praying to God.

Sometimes, we can say,

"Oh, God, help me today.

"Let it be a blessed day,"

and then you go out, and you go about your day.

You don't stop and pause to think about it.

One thing for me is, when I pray, I try to sit still.

And, being a mom now, it's a lot harder.

I don't have time to be like,

"Oh, I'm just sitting here.

"I have so much time on my hands."

I don't have a lot of time,

but before my daughter wakes up,

I try to get my stuff done before she wakes up.

So, I read the Bible, I pray, and then I pause

and think about some decisions I've needed to make,

or anything that's been bothering me.

Even just like, "God, what do I do today?

"What do you need me to do today?"

So, by sitting there, you'll get these thoughts that,

as long as they're not bad thoughts, harmful thoughts,

that's the enemy, but, you will train yourself

to start thinking like,

"This was not even on my mind,

"but this came in and it's in alignment with God's Word.

"It's not telling me to do something crazy, it's just like,

"you should talk to this person today,

"or, you should let this thing go

"that's been bothering you, or,

"you need to seek wisdom or do research about this thing."

And it'll just be like, "I didn't really think about that,"

so when you're starting to get those kind of instructions,

take them seriously.

In the beginning, it's kind of weird,

because you feel like there's

so many thoughts flying around,

but once you start to pause and be more intentional

about reading your Bible, praying to God, being still,

you'll learn to hear His voice.

It'll start to get louder and louder,

and you can start acting on things, like,

"Call this person today and forgive them,"

and you're like, "Why would I do that?

"This person did this to me,

"they don't deserve no forgiveness,"

and He's like, "Just call them."

And then, you call them, and you have a really great talk.

You guys are able to reconcile some things.

Or, even, He's saying, "Let go of this friendship",

or. "Let go of this relationship",

or, "Stop doing this, stop doing that,"

and you're like, "But I need it",

or, "I thought it was good for me."

And it's just like, "Just let it go, see what happens."

You have to figure out, over time,

your strengthening that muscle.

You're getting used to it by using it more,

using that faith muscle, using that discernment,

and being able to see how,

"Yes, God totally told me this,

"because look where it led to."

So, that's why it does take time as well,

because He might tell you things are going to happen,

or not to do this or to do that thing,

and then over time, you're like,

"That was definitely Him,

"because it let to this, this, this,"

or, "I let go of all of this,"

or, "I no longer feel the burden of that thing."

So, it's a constant activity

that you have to keep doing in order to

have a more solid faith.

Another thing that will kill your ability

to hear God's voice is when you have way too much going on.

I know there were times where

I was volunteering for everything.

I had two, three jobs, I was hardly ever home.

I wasn't spending time with God and the Bible,

and you could see, like,

you're almost running on autopilot and you're exhausted.

You're very much exhausted,

and you're just like, "I just need to sleep.

"I just need to sleep, and then, I'm up

"doing the same things again the next day."

You need to pause, and if there are things

that you can stop doing, the world will not stop turning

if you don't go to every birthday party you're invited to,

or go out every time your friends ask you to go to lunch.

Like, sometimes, you just have to stop,

and that's a season that I had to go through,

even in the past three years, is God saying,

"Look at these relationships you have.

"Are they lining up with me?

"Are they good for you?"

Think about why you're always stressed out

talking to this person, or why you're very irritable

when you're around these people,

or why you feel zapped of energy

when you talk to this person.

Think about those things.

Just really analyze

everything that you're doing with your time, and say,

"Is this building me up or is this breaking me down?

"Is this breaking down my ability to hear God's voice,

"because I'm on the go all the time?"

So, don't confuse that with being lazy,

and just not doing anything,

but really be purposeful with your time,

and anything that you commit to,

anything that you say yes to,

be serious about that, and if you're like,

"Oh yeah, that'll be great,"

and somebody asks you to come to volunteer at an event

and you're like, "Of course I would."

Nowadays, what I do is, I'll give myself a 24 hour period,

at the least, to say, "Should I be doing this?

"Would I still be able to get done everything I need to?

"Would I get my sleep?

"Would it affect my health?

"Would it affect my relationship

"with my husband or my daughter?"

If any of that stuff is a yes,

if it's affecting me in a negative way,

I have to decline, or I have to postpone,

or whatever the case is, you need to be making sure that

you're constantly filling yourself up

and feeding yourself the right thing.

Even physically, feeding yourself the life giving food

that you need to, so that you're not always drained

and fatigued and tired, but you're alert.

You had your vegetables, you had your juice,

you had your smoothie,

whatever it is that you like that's actually good for you.

Make sure that you're feeding yourself,

your mind, your body, and your spirit, life giving things.

I think that everybody does have their different gifts,

so, something that God may be telling you to do.

If you're great at teaching, like,

"I give instructions and people get it."

What is that?

Or, "I'm able to really

"share the Gospel easily with people."

What is that?

Or if I pray for somebody to get healed,

they get healed really quickly.

Or, I feel like I know what's going to be happening,

or coming down the line, in my life or in their life,

and you feel like these are coincidences,

or this can't be something

that I can keep doing over and over again, can it?

Yes, it can.

As long as you are obeying God,

and if you're asking God, "Do you want me to do this?

"If so, provide more opportunities for that.

"If so, strengthen my faith, strengthen my discernment,

"strengthen my teaching, strengthen whatever platform

"of influence that I have so that you can continue

"to spread the Gospel and make this world

"a better place, because we need you."

The workers are few, but the harvest is plenty.

Your relationship with God needs to be very solid

for you to hear his voice,

cause some people, it won't be like

God telling them instructions, but they'll be thinking,

"I'm concerned about this,"

or, "I don't know what to do about that,"

and then all of a sudden,

they'll get a scripture that comes to mind,

and they're like, "That applies perfectly to this."

But if you're not reading the Word

and digesting the scriptures,

God's not going to be able to bring that

to your remembrance at all.

So, one thing that is definitely very helpful

is reading devotionals.

Like, let's say you're going through, for me,

I still do this.

You're going for a period where you're like,

"Okay, how do I deal with change?

"How do I deal with growth?

"How do I hear God's voice more clearly?

"How do I get rid of fear?

"How do I deal with anxiety?

"How do I deal with lust?"

Anything that you're going through.

There's so many devotionals online,

or even on your Bible app,

if you have a Bible app on your phone.

You can search by topic.

Marriage, relationships, hope, fear, anxiety.

You can search by word: courage, boldness.

And then, you can search it, and there'll be options

that pop up, and then you choose which one you want to do,

and then you read it every single day.

The scriptures that they use in those devotionals

will line up with the topic, so you'll be able to know,

"What are some scriptures that I should meditate on

"when I'm dealing with being anxious,

"or when I'm dealing with being lonely,

"or I'm dealing with depression?"

There's a lot of tips and advice and application

that those devotionals will be able to help you with.

So, there's a lot of things that you can do

to draw closer to God, as far as tools that we have today,

but the main thing, though, is, read your Word everyday,

pray to God everyday, be still and willing to listen to Him.

If you feel some kind of voice or feeling about something,

that like I said, aligns with God's Word,

is going to be helpful to you,

is gonna lead to change in a positive way, follow it, do it.

And as you keep doing that,

you're going to get more used to it,

and even understanding what are your gifts?

What are things about you that stand out?

Are you super compassionate?

Are you bold and unashamed

of spreading God's word and telling people about Jesus?

Use those gifts wisely,

because they are so powerful,

and they add to the kingdom in such a wonderful way,

so do not despise your gifts.

Do not compare yourself to other people, like,

"Oh, she's able to preach all over the world,

"or she's writing all these books,

"or he's hearing from God all the time."

Do not compare yourself,

and do not become distracted

by too many things going on around you.

Simplify your life.

Minimalize your to-do list, just focus on God,

cause his purpose for you is the most important thing

in your life, and if you don't know what it is,

there's no way for you to fulfill that

and reach your God-given potential.

So, I hope that this did encourage you,

but I would like to pray before we go,

and cover you guys, and come into agreement

with the things that you may be dealing with right now.

So, let's do it.

Lord, thank you for this time of prayer,

that we get to pour into each other.

There are people praying right now, even with me

in this video, praying over me, and we just want

to continue to encourage one another and community

that our lives do matter.

Everyone's purpose is important.

Please help those people who really are lost,

and they're like, "I cannot find my way,

"and everyone seems like they have it together."

No, they don't.

Most people don't have it together,

but with God, anything is possible,

and by your strength, by your words, by your promises,

they're gonna be able to get to the level where,

clearly, they hear your voice, and quickly,

they obey what you've told them to do.

So, please help them as they plug into the Word.

Help it to be understandable to them.

Help them to digest it.

Help them to find the right resources that are gonna help

keep them accountable, day in and day out,

to be in your word, to be praying to you, to be purposeful

about their walk with you, and that,

through days and days and days and weeks and months,

that they'll be able to see

significant change in their life.

And please just clear out all the distractions,

all the things that the enemy has planted in their mind,

planted in their lives, planted in their hearts.

Please help to renew their minds, renew their hearts,

and strengthen them, and lift them up,

so they can live in a holy boldness,

really, just doing what you need them to do.

And, I thank you, God, that you will answer these prayers,

and that you love us so much, and I pray all of this

in your Son, Jesus', name, amen.

That is what have for today.

Thank you so much for joining and

for staying and for praying with me.

I pray that this really did bless you,

and if you have any questions, please leave a comment.

I'd love for you guys to start a discussion,

and a conversation, and help each other as well,

and I will be down there, too.

I try to respond to every single comment.

I believe I have, in the history of my YouTube channel,

responded to every single comment.

So, thank you so much for all of you guys,

who have already been so supportive,

and if you do like topics like these,

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